Kensington Restaurant, Seremban

It was another night in Seremban, 
finally, I get to eat in the well-known restaurant that I have heard so much about.

The place was packed with people and I can see why. The place has a really relaxed ambiance.

Lemon float(? I'm sorry, I have been procrastinating this post for too long, and i forgot what we ordered. hahaha.) and iced Chocolate drink. 

Seafood Chowder. Recommended!

.... Wadya call that thing when there's like.. cream cheese and black pepper in it? Damn, I can't think of the name right at this moment. Doh! Accursed memory!
Cabonara with Chicken Ham is the name. This is LOVE! 

Apple crumble for our dessert. 
Omg, this just made me fall in love with the restaurant more. 

Overall, the dinner experience was satisfying. It was better than I had expected. 
I didn't know Seremban has THIS good of a western restaurant. I'm gonna come again when I have the chance. :D 

And lastly, here's a picture of us. 


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