Zakuro 2 @ Scott Garden

17th May 2013

It was the last day of my part time job on Friday. I finished my work at 7pm and made a dinner appointment with my ex-coursemate, Alister and my current coursemate, Soon Fatt. Yes, sadly this time, it was just the three of us. Sigh. Kien Bing needed to work and Robot needed to.. do his things. Saddened. T.T Nonetheless, it feels good to come out and have a nice chit chat dinner with them.

Funny story on how we ended up in Scott Garden though even though three of us don't like to drink alcohol, but we came here in the end. Because Puchong was too far for Alister and MidValley was too far for SF, I didn't care what place they chose because I was too busy to think of where to eat when I was working! So I left it for them to decide. And why there? Because SF never went there before and wanted to see what it looked like without considering what to eat. -.- There was just a few selections to choose from if you are like us (non-drinkers). Ah beng's shabu-shabu, Thai food or this. They do have a ChaTime there, but no thank you. 

Alister rocking his new short hair. LOL. 
Couldn't recognize him if I was to bump him on the streets with this haircut.

Another candid shot of a clown.
Even though we see eachother everyday during class, I rarely eat with him anymore. 
Idk why, but I prefer eating at home these days. LOL. :X Loner

A blurred picture of them together. 
No time for selca, I don't do selcas when I'm out with ze guyz. :(
I was having all of my hair up anyway because of work, so I didn't take a group picture too. 

Chawanmushi was rather nice. I don't eat chawanmushi normally, but I finished it all up in this restaurant. My taste buds are getting random these days. On a side note, I used to hate eating tofu and chilis, but now I can actually put them in my mouth and not hate it. 

My beef enoki roll set (RM42)
Overall, the food was satisfying and good. 

Will I come again?

I don't like the atmosphere there, too many drunkass and smokers and oh, the place is so dark. 
Not because of how the food tasted.

P.S. I'm not really good at describing food. Normally I will just go with tasty/good/recommended or just bad/don't try this ever/blergh (and any other simple Layman's term) but nothing more to depict it. I'm no good at this but of course, all of them are my honest opinion only. 

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