8/5/13 Skating day

Even though I haven't finished my finals yet, I went out for the whole day after my core subject exam finished. French is only a pass and fail subject, so no bother. Out I go! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Went to try the Pork Noodle in Restorant Pomander, SS15
We ordered a small portion of noodle and then ordered each of the extra add ons. 
This cost us a whooping RM13 for each bowl and we had to wait like for an hour for it because they have their "quality control" as in I think they made the noodle one by one (bowl). It might be a tad bit too sweet for me but still, it was delicious.
Be sure not to go there with a very empty stomachache though! An hour is a loooooooooooooongggg time. 

Immediately after lunch, we went to Sunway for ice-skating! It's been a long while since I've ice-skate. I mean... I don't ice-skate, I trip and fall when I came here the last time, like a few years ago. 

Idk. LOL.

Ivan and Soon En was with me, since they were free on that very day. Most of my seniors are working, so it's hard to ask them one group out. T.T 


Even though it was Wednesday, there is still quite a number that came to play. The ice melts too quickly and it wasn't really that stable to skate on for a beginner like me. I fell for 3 times that day, and my arse hurts like ugh.. 
It costs us RM17 for skating fees, RM8 for a pair of gloves and RM3 for a pair of socks. So peepol, please remember to bring your own pairs of gloves and socks. :X Save money!!

Dinner at Sushi Zanmai  

A random picture of ice hockey
Malaysia team was doing really well, and it was very entertaining to watch.

And then the jam on the LDP highway. This jam wasn't done by the Kelana Jaya incident. This was actually done by an idiot who, for some reason, parked at one of the lane in the middle of the roadside on one of the bridge leading to USJ. -.- Really? Dude, it's the middle of the road. REALLY? Whoever did that should dunk himself in the toilet bowl. 

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