DIY Cross stitch

I've been picking up a new hobby again this month. 
I just randomly picked up a cross stitcher magazine when using my RM50 POPULAR voucher as I still have half of the value left to use. And this actually cost me around RM22+, wow, a craft magazine is not cheap I tell ya. But at least they have a decent amount of charts and also few guides to DIY your own pillow case and etc. And look, they also have a keychain kit!

I like the vintage-y feel to it, so I decided to follow the chart instead of finding another pattern. 
This is my first time venturing into this new kind of craft, so I made some mistake, I had to take out a whole lot and let me tell you if you make a mistake, you have to get rid of the whole string. Because they are connected, so if you have a loose string, the whole stitch from that string suffers the same fate too. I think I can train my patience by doing this. 

I started with the blue background when I did the green part wrong. I thought doing this would be easier for me. 

Almost done

And voila! My handmade wood keychain by me

But the back is very messy though. 
Is there a way for me to cover it neatly? I have read on the internet that I should stick a felt cloth at the back of it, maybe I should do that. I'm afraid it will look a bit weird. :/

And to my next project. Stitching The Avengers. 
What can I do with it? I seriously have no idea. I want to make a pillowcase but I realise it might be too advance (not to mention BIG) to me. So I am starting small first. Slowly and gradually, I'm gonna think of something I guess. Maybe I should make more keychains. Since they are small and easier to do. 

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