Ipoh & Kampar one day trip

It was a Saturday! And we decided to go on a day trip to Ipoh and Kampar for a little snack here and there. Originally we have planned to go to Teluk Batik for a swim and a picnic but we changed our plan. The sun isn't very healthy for the skin nowadays. 

We started our journey at 10am plus.
And headed straight to Ipoh. The trip was kinda impromptu so basically, we were throwing ourselves into something we didn't prepare for. With a few calls to my Ipoh friend, we finally decided to have our brunch at the "Big Tree Foot" place. The Yong Tau Foo was swarming with people.

My girls, Liz and Jo Ann. 
We automatically swap out our phone to take pictures of the food.
Oh, the anti-social-plague, we have gotten it too. Hahaha.

A little bit of this and that and in total it only cost us RM7+ for these.
Other than this, we didn't order anything more from there. :(

Next stop, Funny Mountain Soya.
I've been there before so I brought them there to try the soya bean and tau fu foo
Food picture time! LOL 

Me and Ann

Me and Liz

Yum yum!

The weather was super hot. But the temperature in the car was unbearable, it was too humid. But when we came down from the car, it was really breezy. Being on the streets is better than the car. Haha! 
We went to venture the streets and tried to look for some Bird Nest Egg Tart, but sadly, it was really hard to find, cause even Ipohrian doesn't really know where they can buy some good egg tarts there! I have asked not one but two of my friends. And even Ann's friend too. LOL. But finally we went to Restaurant Weng Seng (thank you google and food blogs) that is near to the Super Kinta. We reached there and unfortunately, it was closed. =.=" Disappointment. 

And around 3pm, we decided to go to Kampar to try a new cafe. 
The  Alley Johns.
We didn't know what they sell in there, we just know it was new. The deco outside was really pretty and I was expecting something really good for snack time.

Wall deco was really vintagey and sweet

Mystery solved. They sell Japanese crepes and Dik Dik coffee here. The crepe was different from what we normally consume. I was expecting a crunchy crepe but this was super soft, the texture was something like pancake but thinner. 

Original and Mocha coffee. 

My Strawberry + Choco sauce + Whipping Cream Crepe. RM4.90

Tried something new and surprisingly I liked it. I only wish they would buy sweeter strawberries though, because it was very sour. They were quite generous on the amount of fruits though.

Pudding was okay only. Nothing special. But it wasn't too sweet.

andddddddddddddd.. more selcas of us.  

Even though it was quite a short trip, it was really fun and it felt great cause it's been awhile since we sat down and talked about what was happening in each of our lives. I'm grateful that this trip happened, honestly I was afraid of it getting postponed or cancelled. Usually most of my plans (like my recent Redang trip that I didn't plan very well. -.-) with them doesn't go quite well if it involves going to a place other than my hometown because of our different holiday schedules and also some times because of our jobs/work and also our family plans. 

Planning another trip again and it's happening very soon. So excited for it! 

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