Penang 2 days Trip

Thursday, 23rd May 2013.

Starting this post of with a few selca pictures taken when we're on the way to Penang. 
Actually this trip was kinda impromptu, same like the Kampar/Ipoh trip I had. JoAnn, MC, Fiona and me were having our holiday breaks at the same time, so we did a little road trip to spend some of our time for our food hunting in Penang!
It took us exactly 3 hours to travel from Teluk Intan to Penang. And when we arrived, actually we had a hard time deciding where to eat. Everyone in the car had their breakfast except for me. T.T I was craving for Pan Mee at that moment so we went for it. 
I googled the internet for some food blogs, and I found this place.  

I Mum Mum Pan Mee. Funny name aye. It was situated near some condos. It's not a place where you can see while you're on the road in the car. But there was a signboard pointing to it, that's how we found it. 

There were very generous with the side ingredients. In my honest opinion, it was just okay. Maybe I know a better place where I can find better Pan Mee (which is the one situated between SK and Serdang), but this is not half bad.

After our lunch, we went to Kek Lok Si Temple. Most of us went there before, but our main purpose there is to see the gigantic Guan Yin Ma statue. They haven't finished building it the last time I went there, so we decided to see if it's completed or not.

Me and my monkey zodiac sign

Joann and MC with their goat (but it looks like a sheep. Wait, are sheeps and goats the same?) zodiac sign

"Oh my Guan Yin". Suddenly think of that phrase when I see this. KB influenced. -.-" As you can see, it is still not yet completely done. 

Attempting for a jump shot. Fail.

Second jump shot. ..... Okkaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy, LOL

Mun Fai and Fiona enjoying the sceneries

Experimenting on an editor app on her beloved flower phone. 

These were just too cute so I decided to take a picture with them both. Haha

SO CUTE. But rumors are, that each of these dolls have a ash jar in them that is said to protect the temple. Not sure if it's creepy or interesting.

View of Penang Island

A must go to place if you're in Air Hitam. Or not, just go there even if it's far. You will not regret it.

The famous asam laksa at Air Itam marketplace. Selling for RM4 a bowl. Still the best asam laksa that I have ever tasted in my life so far. I really like that they put in many of the laksa flower, onions and cucumber in it. 

We were staying in Chulia Heritage for a night. It was very white and clean.

A full body mirror in the middle of the 2nd floor.

The shared bathroom for the upper floor

Family room for us. We were upgraded from Triple to Family, I guess it doesn't make much of a difference, but at least it's an upgrade.

Don't be fooled by the white themed, the floors were actually woods. I thought it was hard floor but no. The room was small and clean. If you're looking for a budget hotel, I guess this would be a recommendation. It costs us RM40 each for the five of us for two rooms. The other room has just a queen bed and a closet too and the space was half size smaller.

After having a short rest, we went for a walk outside of our hotel as we heard there are many street arts that we can hunt around the area. The love lane was very close to us, so we decided to take a walk there.

Much to our disappointment, there were not much to see. Some road work was happening there. And we only spotted a small souvenir shop opening along the road. We went back and took another longer rest before we head out for out dinner.

 Dinner was at a food court(?) which was situated opposite Penang Chinese Girl's High School.
I like the apung they sell here!

The only food I had taken a liking to was just the apung and the Ikan bakar honestly, the others are just normal for me. It's not horrible and it's not amazing either. 

And a random selca shot with Amos which came out to hang with us in quite a short notice. And he suggested a new place which was just opened not long ago for us to just hang and chill after our dinner. Skybar on the Rooftop in Bayview Hotel.

ThreeSixty was it's name. It actually kinda looked like the Skybar in Ipoh. They have the same floor design which has something like a small runway in the middle of the place. 

Margarita for me and Joann, but we didn't finished it anyway. Because, blergh. We're not used to drinking yet and we don't really like alcohol.

Night view of Penang Island

A random one for the night.


Friday, 24th May 2013.

The next day, we woke up and went for our healthy breakfast at Joo Leong Cafe. Finally, I get to taste the famous crunchy bite size bread! 
I think I'll replicate it at home just for fun when I feel like it. And maybe make a small business somewhere in my hometown selling this. 

Next stop, Snake temple! I've been there before too, so I wasn't that interested in taking pictures again. :P 

It was Wesak Day btw, and they have this special event where we can bath a statue with flower water. 

And a female monk making the prayers. 

Me with Joann and her cousin, Aleena. 

Wall painting hunt! In the afternoon!! LOL. We wanna get burn so badly.

The famous siblings on a bicycle.

Spotted a random uncle playing a one-of-a-kind musical device in a random shop. I guess he's kinda famous by looking at the articles on the table.

An unfinished painting

Another temple in town.

 Our last stop was Straits Quay, as I requested to go and have a look at the Snoopy themed cafe.

The place was very well decorated, I took many pictures but I'm just too "paiseh" to show them, because we went in there to look at the menu for 10 minutes and we decided to choose another place to eat. The cafe has a pretty bad reputation for it's food despite the grand decos. I admire the cute Charlie Brown thing, but the food was really expensive and didn't really seem appealing to me. Maybe next time, for a tea time break or something.

Nyonya breeze desire. We didn't regret changing restaurant at all, as we found gold at the other corner! The food they serve here was really really delicious. All of the dished we ordered were. I didn't take any pictures as we were too hungry and the food name was quite complicated, have a very hard time remembering it but thank god, we have google. My favourite was Huan Chu Heok Masak Lemak and their Otak otak. Very recommended!

And for our last meal in Penang, we had some mille crepe at The Humble Beginnings cafe. They tasted very different from Nadeje and I think I prefer this better. Raspberry and chocolate love!

I wanna go again! WOOHOO~
On the side note, it was kinda stupid of me to buy the mangoes at the rest stop area by the highway. I didn't know how much mangoes cost as I don't buy fruits much. They were selling 1 kg for RM12, and when I came back home and asked my grandma, I realized I was scammed. I can actually get the same kind of mangoes for RM6++ per kg. *heavy iron fell on my head* No more buying fruits at the R&R. T.T 

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