12/6/13 Ho Boh Rui Cha & Hoe's, Bandar Puteri

Have been craving Rui Cha for awhile now, and decided to search for a place where they serve this, and lucky for me, there IS a restaurant for that which is located in Bandar Puteri.
Believe it or not, I only knew the existence of this food last two months when I was staying over at my bf's house during my study week. Aunty bought me Rui Cha one fine day for lunch, and it tasted kinda weird at first and then I gradually grew fond of it! AND not to mention that it is a very healthy meal!

'Twas my second time consuming this godly green food at Ho Boh. The place was oozing with an antique feel, it was really comfortable(not describing about the wooden chairs, but only the atmosphere) and it feels like I was at some old lady's house. Lol? I didn't snap any pictures as I was too excited to consume it all into my stomach. I hastily dig in immediately after it was served. I ordered   a small brown rice Ho Boh Rui Cha (RM6.90), it was rather small actually and I thought it wasn't enough for me at all but... DIG IN ANYWAY! WEEEEEE!
 After a few scoops, the electricity decided to go out on us. And we were forced to eat in the dark.

San Bao Fruit juice (RM4.90)

This looks like a scene showing how poor people used to eat in the old days! LOL. Only a piece of chicken meat to eat. XD Hahahahaaha! 
Sorry Pwen and Thum Thum! I guided them to the wrong place by sending them the wrong foursquare link which has the same name in Taman Kinrara. My bad! 

Second round of dinner! But only Thum Thum was eating. XD All the others were having desserts.
We chose a random place nearby aaaannnddddd we were at Hoe's! 

Durian Mousse (RM7.90)
Has only a light scent of durian. Comments from the ladies; "Taste like kaya", "Taste like plastic". LOL.  I was disappointed, felt like being cheated. T.T Where is my durian taste?!?!?
 I don't recommend this dessert. 

I don't know what this is, but I know it's coffee. XD 

The food wasn't special also, Thum rated the food as "so-so" and the price was just like those normal western restaurant. Despite the not-so-special food, I think the place is suitable for hanging out and chillaxing with a few alcohol drinks in hand with friends. 

I'm sorry for the lack of blog posts! I keep delay my post and in a day, I decided to post all of it out. LOL. I wasn't really trying very hard to write since I was racing against time but at last I've written 4 posts today including this one. To make up for this, here is a photo of my brother in pajamas while he was at the cinema..


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