17/6/13 Celebrating Ivan's Birthday @ Allegro, SS15

It seems like I've been celebrating a lot of birthdays lately.
It's Ivan's turn this time! And how lucky, he was in Puchong for it so we can celebrate it together with him. We chose a small private cafe around SS15 called Allegro. It was suggested by Pwen since she had dined in here before and I'd say we have found a gem! It's very rare to find a good place to eat good food worth the money.

The interior was very warm and welcoming. Not to mention, vintage.

There were mirrors everywhere! Felt like taking this huge one back home with me. Haha!

Ah Thum was dressed to impress! He fits in the picture so well, I thought I was in England for a second. 

Ivan, Eric and Cindy. And I think the mister back there is the brilliant chef.

selca selca.. candid candid candid candid!


Mr Lee and Hogwart-wannabe. LOL

Random picture of everyone enjoying their pizza

Ivan with his pizza. Huge ain't it??

Other food that I manage to take picture of, since the table was too long, I can't snap each and every one of the dishes. So I just took some. These are Onion Soup, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and then the steak, pasta and potato soup was from the special menu. All tasted very good! 

I think everyone agress with me. Hahaha!

Couldn't get enough of the Onion soup. Slurp!

Medium-cooked steak, omg... just.. heaven....

Cake session!

"Happy Birthday to you~"

This was the only decent shot I found with all our faces not blurred. Our own camera men so cha!!!

Everyone! And man, this waiter got the skills to take pictures, I was impressed! Normally when we asked for the waiter to take picture for us, I ended up with some crooked picture and I have to crop it properly, but this guy.. *thumbs up* He even changed his position to give us a variation of photos with different angles. LOL


Soon en, Thum, and Eric

"Like a boss" Thum and Lao Ng

After seeing the "Like a boss" scene, everyone decided to flock around the other corner of the room.

Fully utilize the big arse mirror there to camwhore with the lots. 


On that day, Lao Ng officially announced [well... actually, he didn't announced it. We just made a stage for him and push him out and ask him a lot of things when we heard the rumors] that he is going to go back to Sabah to work with his family for a few years. Even Ivan is going back to Sabah to work already, but would be returning in a month time I heard. Sigh. Sad, we will miss you and miss how we all always gang up on you when you do what you do. Hahaha. Be sure to hold on to that promise that you made. 3 years become billionaire and come back here to treat all of us eat till our stomach burst, okay!? Hehehe.