8/6/13 Baby Hailey's First Birthday

It was Baby Hailey's first birthday party! Was so excited to celebrate my goddaughter's birthday! Woohoo! Her birthday falls on 19th of June but the party was held earlier on the 8th of June (her lunar calendar birthday actually). I wasn't well that day, so I couldn't eat much of the yummy food Liz's family has served. *sobs sobs* Curse you damn cough and flu!

Door gifts cookies made by Liz Mummy 

Enjoying the food~

Me and Hailey's another godmum, Joann

And he was back with me too this time! 

Cute little Hailey drinking cold juice. Her expression after a sip was priceless! Hahaha!

Preparing homemade birthday cake for Baby Hailey

"Mummy, faster faster!"

Cutting the birthday cake with Mummy and Daddy. 

A picture of me and the sweetest little angel. 
Happy Birthday again baby!

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