5/6/13 Janus's Birthday

It was another Wednesday movie night with les amis. We watched Epic and it was not really that epic. Don't really find the plot interesting, it was rather boring for me actually. But the kids love them, I can hear the crowd cheering and laughing at the talking slug and snail.

After our movie season, we went to have a drink at Station One. Where Ah Ng planned a surprise birthday for Janus, whom we haven't seen for a while now.  

These were all candid photos and surprisingly, they came out very well! Look at everyone's expressions especially Thum Thum's and Soonen's. *laughs*

A birthday burger for the birthday boy! 
There weren't any preparation done as it was all kinda "short-notice", no nearby bakery selling cakes was open at 10pm, and Station One doesn't have any ice-cream in stock. Oh well, guess burger will do the trick. At least it is memorable. :D

Make a wish Janus!

The guys.

And a group photo of all of us before we call it a night.

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