How to make ugly and soggy fried rice

On one fine day, I stumbled upon a very easy peasy fried garlic rice recipe which looked very tempting. So -CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!- I'mma make fly gaalic lice!

The day before cooking this, I poached some chicken keels for my salad and I thought it would be a waste if I just threw the chicken broth in the sink. So, I decided to cook some brown rice I took with me from home. 

I have had several failed attempts to cook rice without a rice cooker. 
First, I didn't know what I was thinking that day. I went to steam the rice instead of boiling them directly instead. -.-.... Before you say I'm stupid, I.......... okay, I was stupid indeed. 
Second, I tried to boil the rice and water (with ratio of 1:2), I even measured it. I didn't boil ALL THE WAY of course. When it boils, I turned it to low. I waited 20 mins as indicated, and when I opened the cover. FARK, nasi hangus sial. Why didn't I smelt it earlier. It even made a horrible soot in my newly bought saucepan. 
***Did you know you can remove those annoying soot by salt or even baking powder??***

And then my third attempt would be using the chicken broth to substitute the water. This time, I didn't measure anything, I just whack it in by following the feel. (As Weng Fai, my coursemates said cooking rice should depends on feel) And of course it turns out well. Okay, maybe a bit wet but I wonder why the rice was still kinda hard (harder than them normal rice). Then I proceed to putting it in the fridge. 

The next day, I forgot to thaw it first because it froze. -.-. I didn't purposely froze it, I just didn't thought the compartment below the freezer would freeze things as well. GENIUS me, wanted to speed up the thawing process, I went to steam it. My Cyberjaya's home has very limited equipment, so it didn't went very well as the pot I used was too small. I turned very impatient, so i went to take my trusty saucepan and decided to heat it directly in it. When I did, I panicked, I heard sizzling sound and my heart tells me "IT GONNA BURN BITCH", so I jumped to the sink and took some filtered water and pour it in the mess.... It doesn't look very good at that point. 

But no matter, I boiled it for a few minutes while I cooked the other ingredients first. 

Garlic in, bacon in, onion in. Okay, soggy brown rice it is then, ain't nobody got time for it to dry up. Fry fry fry. Fark, it was getting all mushy. I thought the heat would make the rice un-soggy BUT NO. Never mind that, then I add an egg. 臭鸡蛋 decided to stick on the wok instead of the rice. @#$%&*$&^%!

Damn egg.

This, people, is how soggy fried rice should look like. Ain't it an eyesore? Still my dinner.
 Lol.... a crying lol.

I officially declare that brown rice is my enemy. 
I wanna eat fluffy steamed white rice instead.

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