27/4/13 Date day and Ironman 3

Pattern pattern! Hehe.
I kinda like the colour of my hair here, ombre effect. But sadly not in reality. :(

It was date day, and we decided to crash into one of the burger shops in ss15. Somehow, burgers are a hit these days, it's getting really popular around the area. There's Burger lab, Burgertory, Kaw Kaw burger and [insert some more names]. We decided to go to Crayon Burger for a taste. The menu has like.. around 7 types of burger you can choose from. You can choose either ala carte or a set which includes fries and a bottomless soda drink. The range is around RM11-16 for ala carte. You can order add on also and for set you have to add another RM5.

Happy with his burger and fries with cheese sauce. 

The Boss (Mild wasabi mayo, egg, onion rings, cheese, beef patty) RM 16
I kinda ate it the wrong way. Cause usually when I eat a McD burger, I always eat the burger layer by layer and not together. But this burger, I DONT RECOMMEND you do the same thing as me. It just doesn't tickle my taste bud that well when i eat it piece by piece. I thought it was too big for my mouth so I did that way, but no... Have to bite the whole thing to experience the wholeness! Lol!

Peanut Butter Bacon (Raspberry Jam, beef bacon, beef patty, and some peanut butter jam)
Yes! Peanut butter jam with burger! It was unique and it really special in a weird but good way. Recommended!

And for tea time, Delicious at 1Utama Shopping Mall 
Bugger, my background also can see he playing phone. 

Hot chocolate dip (?) Very chocolaty, this is quite nice. 
I just threw in the choco beads into the drink cause it tasted better that way.

Sorry I forgot the name of this drink! But I know it is some coffee float drink. 

Lemon, Lime & Ginger Cake RM12.90
This tasted sour and yet sweet at the same time. But not recommended for a person to finish it. 
Very jelat.

Macadamia Cheesecake RM14.90
This is the same too. The cheese is too overpowering, even with the both of us, we can't finish half of it. 

And look who I met when we were going back home. 
It's Alvivi! They were both playing the piano when I spotted them, and damn, they can play. 
I got spotted in twitter and they reposted this picture in their page. And the comments were very disturbing.. yet amusing. I'll just have to learn to close one eye and let it be. Lol. 

 At 11.40pm, it was time for IMAX 3D of IronMan hotass 3!

Toy set spotted in TGV of Sunway Pyramid

And look! It's the friendly monsters, life-size!  

A picture in the dark hall. 
The movie was really captivating and really great on the IMAX screen. Recommended even though it's double the price of normal screening but it's definitely worth it. Robert Downey Jr. still as hot as ever, like a fine aging wine. :X I'm getting out of topic here. But be sure not to miss this movie! 
Can't wait until Pacific Rim is out! I'm gonna be here again. :D

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