Dinner at Duck King & Little Yun Ho Mascot attempt #1

Me and le bf's family went to The Duck King at Jaya One for dinner gathering. It feels like an early Chinese New Year though because of the atmosphere and the overall food that was served. 

I didn't want to believe I was getting fat, but this picture just give me a slap in the face. I cannot ignore it any longer. Plus I had to expand my waist belt as I was eating halfway through the full-on course food. LOL. So much for clean eating. I really let it all go last week. Didn't care how much or what I was eating. And yesterday... was my most hardcore attempt to gobble down food. I even had a Siew Bao, a pork bun, a cheesecake and some Starbucks before dinner. *laughing and tearing up*. And I am now again 51kg, nothing changes. Oh my, it's really so much easier to gain weight than lose them. I basically just wasted 3 months healthy dieting with 1 week of super YOLO days. 

But from today onwards, I'll be back on track!!! My appetite has been better now and not feeling any nausea anymore. Plus I have to start training for my half marathon. 
Jogged 5km this evening *tick item*. Was planning to sleep earlier today so I can wake up earlier tomorrow for another run. But ended up doing this and that and blogged since I was telling myself to get back into blogging mode. And now it's 11pm. I was suppose to be on the bed by 10pm. 
However, I have seemed to fail to do anything for my FYP and I was telling myself that I will be too busy to do that everyday but in the end, I have zero output on that issue. F*ck. And I have deliver something on Wednesday. Good lord, how am I going to push myself.


On another note regarding the TVXQ mascot amigurumi, I've done a sample for Little Yun Ho Mascot! And it's destroyed now because I'm fine-tuning it to the customer's order. Even though it's small, it needs a lot of work. But first things first, coding. 

Coding coding coding. Tomorrow full day coding, no crocheting for you Joey.

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