Elsa Amigurumi Doll!

So, I've finally finished doing my Elsa doll! It was my first attempt in doing a human doll amigurumi and it was a bit tricky since I'm not used to attaching hairs to an amigurumi and made it human-like. If you're wondering where I get the pattern from, you can find it here on ravelry. This was one of the prettiest Elsa doll pattern that I've found so far. And I used it as a reference, I tweak it a little according to what I was aiming for. 

I also have to say that the hardest pat of all was making the eyes. At first I thought of just using buttons as the eyes but then I just feel like trying out and make a more cartoon/anime type of eyes for her. Since the face was quite small, I had to make really tiny and delicate details to it so that it could fit on the doll's face and not look weird. I had to split my 4ply yarns to 1ply and then work from there. And I made it! Unfortunately the left and right eyes are not symmetrical.  

And this is my final product. I even made the dress detachable but not the arm parts. I thought it would look nicer if it's crocheted in with the doll's arm and look less bulky. I was also going to sew the dress with it but ended up using snaps instead. 

As for the face, I've used this picture as a reference. Even though the eyes are not... really looking sideways like the above. 

Okay, I know it looks like she's looking a little retarded with the eyes focusing in the middle but I added the white there, it's just covered by the black outline. I guess it's not half bad considering this is my first time making such delicate stuff. *Self-praising and self-pitying*

As for the hair, I used this as a reference because I think it looks really awesome!

And I've also decided to make the dress splits behind instead of the front. Actually I never thought of doing a split. I intended to make it a full covered dress but then after I finished crocheting the dress piece, I realize Elsa's feet couldn't fit into the dress if I don't do the splits..... Therefore, this. But it is covered up by the cape, so no biggie here.

With this, I announce this project as done! But could be better made in the future if I have the chance to. Will update this soon in my Etsy shop and add it into my listing!

Done some shopping in Sunway today and there was a free health screening for everyone. So, me & him went to check it out. I think I've been eating unhealthy-ly this week therefore the result. Hahaha. Need more water, protein and exercise in my lifestyle. I'm neglecting working out too this week, right after my run. It ruined my appetite for a few days, and I was craving so bad for sweet and heavy chinese food. Ugh, I miss them so much. It feels like cheat week. Better get back to the "active" routine next week! That's it for today!

Oh, one random question for today. Does anyone know where I can find black string cord around the area? I wanted to make my own choker. I finally found some chokers on sale in Sunway today but it was very expensive (RM30+) so I decided to make one myself. Daiso and Ace Hardware doesn't have them..

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