Loss of appetite

Not much going on today so.. This is gonna be a short one. Appetite is still not back to normal. Constantly felt like someone or something is jostling my throat and stomach. Have the urge to vomit throughout the day. Only felt like eating specific things. 
My boyfriend and my mum thinks that this happens because of the things I ate yesterday which is quite oily and heavy. I think so too since I started eating clean for awhile and suddenly ate too much unhealthy food yesterday so I'm suffering right now. Even though I lost my appetite, I still manage to eat pass my quota today. Lol. Because I ate quite a number of buns. 

Can somebody reach me how to vomit properly? I think I'll feel better after that but the problem is I keep vomiting air instead. 

Urgh. FYP is going slow. And I'm still lacking behind and going so very slow. Supervisor ain't gonna be happy with my attitude. Have been slacking a lot lately. 

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