So much crocheting to do

Yes! I'm on cloud 9 because not only I have one sale this week, but TWO! Things happen when you're not expecting it to. 

I made this as a sample for my friend and now it's been shipped to his new home. *tears* This is actually my second sale on Etsy. But it is a ready made item, so it was shipped right after the day that it is ordered. 

But unfortunately I'm a green horn in this entrepreneurship thingy-ma-jingy, I didn't quite profit from what I sold, because of postage miscalculation. The rates I checked online were different from the one they have now on the PosLaju system. I had to find out more about it from the office itself today and turns out, I could have taken the much cheaper but longer delivery option. Learning from my mistake!

And this, this is my first official international sale. My second Charizard I've made in my life. I've just finished it not long ago, going to ship it by tomorrow. I hope it will reach safely to his new owner! I'm so grateful for Etsy for giving the chance to reach out people from around the world. And also to both my new customers! *heart eyes*

And for my next project/order... Well, not an official order but I guess it's worth a try. 

Picture borrowed from ravelry

Picture borrowed from
I will be venturing into human dolls! I've made Annabelle before but that was just some goofing around.

..and also two custom TVXQ mini dolls for a friend's friend. Thank you Ada, for directing your friend to me! I have another opportunity to make an original creation again. Hehe. Also, thank you Michelle. I will do my best to make these babies! So much to do, so little time.

Okay, back to work. Wow, my FYP coding is gonna suffer this month but I can't help it when I love doing these than coding. 

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