Time to reinitiate my inner blogger

Continuing from my last post.. which is two days ago. I said I wanna take up blogging again. In a more personal view rather than food review. Since I rarely take pictures of food anymore. LOL. And I go out less right now since I'm introducing myself into a more healthy diet........ Erhem... Well, maybe not really that healthy on weekends... but.. THAT'S NOT MY POINT here.

I think I've said something like this before but to no avail. I've actually pondered my options. Whether to use tumblr, or blogger, or even dayre. I even plan to create a new blogspot but what's the point of having so many blogs. I'm just gonna write it here. I think blogger is the best because I can look back at the archive when I want to. Tumblr on the other hand, has a great mobile app for posting but not much flexibility on what to post there and you can't really compare to typing on a mobile phone to a keyboard, okay. You simply don't. Blogger has a shitty mobile app.... but whateves. I'm here on the web now anyways. I'm always on my computer. I actually have a lot of time in my hand but always ended up using it for Pinterest. I'm so hooked up on Pinterest okay. Like if you take Pinterest away from me, you're taking away half of my life because that's how much time I spent on it per day.... Okay, I'm just exaggerating but you get my point there.

I'm just gonna talk about today, not yesterday, not last month... Just for the sake of starting my whole new journal, I'm ranting(as seen above). Blah.. Okay. I'm having so much fun already. I just hope that maybe blogger can have an option of uploading pictures pane that doesn't cover up my editing page so that I can still write and edit my post while waiting for them to upload. I know I can upload it on Google+ on another tab but that defeats the purpose of the things that I am thinking right now. If only I work for Google..... And did I mention the internet connection in my house is so damn 7 slow? It is excruciatingly slow because it's only 1GB and I'm not the only one using it. My uncle is using it to play his Facebook game.... GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  I think I'll need an average of 5 mins to upload a single image. Lordeeee....

OKAY. So, today.. seems like a super busy day for me. But most of the time was wasted on driving mostly. Fetched Le Boyf to the airport in the wee morning.. like 6am or so. Came back and slept back again. Woke up at 10am and made my breakfast and sweet potatoes tong sui as per my mum's request. Time flies just like that. Showered, lunch-ed, then geradeaus to collect my race kit for Sunday's Great Eastern Run. Okay,

The vest is in grey colour! It's kinda dull but I'm okay with it because I don't have any grey running vest. But I have to admit, I'm pretty disappointed with the pack. I was looking forward to some useful freebies like some Salonpas, or some snack bars but all I found was vouchers for health screening, vouchers for buying health supplements, vouchers for health consultations and vouchers for facial session..... Vouchers.. I don't have any use for them lot okay. I'm going to run for 12km on the next two days! And I feel so sluggish this week, maybe I ate too much last weekend. I feel like I'm plateauing so much in a small amount of time. I was able to run for 6km per session last week, but this week I was dying at the 3rd km mark and I'm not even running with my normal speed. I was running slower. Or maybe I just didn't get too much sleep also. You know sleep and rest plays a really big role in you health department. Don't neglect sleep! Sleep is your friend!

These days I grocery shop A LOT. At least once a week and I always take my own sweet time. Which I think is weird because I know what I want to buy because I have a grocery list with me every time but yet I always end up walking here and there wondering what to buy, which brand is better, which is cheaper or etc. I enjoy the process though. Hahaha. I just went today too, stocking up for the week. I'm following some meal plans. I always follow some meal plan and I find it hard to wing it with whatever. I don't really know how to pair the food to get the greatest nutrition for my body. Lol, somebody has already made them so why not just refer to them right? Plus I find it very satisfying to follow a plan and of course not strictly following. Swapping out a few food with local products since you know Malaysia has limited crops. For example, you can't find kale here, arugula is too expensive, asparagus and avocado is not cheap either, strawberries and blueberries are my favorite but they cost quite a lot too. I wanna migrate.

I've been experimenting with a lot of food for the past few months. As I have said, I've spent a lot of my time on Pinterest and most of the time, I search for recipes and homemade stuffs. There's so many things that we can actually do with raw ingredients, it's infinite. Plus I think making your own food with au natural stuff is super healthy because you know what you're putting in them and you can control the portion. You can even save up money too by doing this! But of course, you have to sacrifice time for it. But trust me, the process is so much fun, it wouldn't be a problem. 

Homemade Almond Butter
I made almond butter yesterday. I don't think you can find almond butter easily in Malaysia grocery stores and even if you did find them, I bet they are super expensive. Import stuffs you know. Well, I tried to make them and it wasn't even that hard. The only ingredients I need were baked almonds and a blender. That's it. Nothing fancy. A packet of almond was lying around on the table, so yay! Free food! LOL. My aunt bought it back from Australia and it's been lying there for awhile. I think we have forgotten about it's existence or just don't wanna eat it. There's so much food dried snacks to eat already in my house. 

In the process of making Almond milk!
And as for today, I'm trying to make almond milk! Almond milk is so expensive on the shelf!!! The cheapest I've found was RM14.90 for 1 litre of unsweetened natural almond milk. I can buy 2 litres of milk with that okay. But of course almond milk has super low calories and it's really healthy. I bought Pacific brand before but decided to just gave up on drinking them because it's burning a hole in my pocket. So I decided to make them myself. I bought 500g of whole almond today (which actually yields around 3 cups +) for RM21. With 3 cups of almond I can actually make like 9 cups of almond milk depending on how much water I put it. But after playing with the numbers, I basically can have 1 litre with just RM10. SAVE MONEY YOOOoOoOOo! All I need to do is soak, blend and strain.

Homemade yogurt
I also make my own yogurt. I started making them last few months and I've been making them ever since. Doesn't really take up much of my time too honestly. It may seem like too much work to make your own yogurt but once you get the hang of it, it's easy as ABC. My mum and aunt has been eating it too so basically I make 2 batch per week, 1 litre per batch. So my yogurt is always fresh! I can buy 1kg worth yogurt with maybe around RM15++ depending on the brand. Some can even go up until RM30. With this, I make like 1.5kg of yogurt with RM12.90. 

I always buy Farm Fresh Skinny Low Fat for my yogurt making. I've experimented with a few brands and I get the most natural and perfect yogurt with Farm Fresh. Probably the milk is more natural than the other brands which tends to have more additives and so. Oh, as for my yogurt starter, I use Sunglo Greek Yogurt which is one of the cheapest yogurt in stores. 
I've tried to make yogurt with Australian Skim milk, Goodday and some other brands as well. As a result, I got really curd-y yogurt, grainy, and too watery end product. I've used Nestle yogurt as a starter also and the yogurt was like an abomination. It was super grainy, and it looked disgusting. In the end, I decided to just stick with Farm Fresh Milk + Sunglo Greek yogurt. Because I always get perfectly smooth yogurt consistency with them. You don't really need to use Sunglo as your starter every time by the way. I always use my leftover yogurt as my starter.
If you're interested to start your own, you can refer to Salad In A Jar post about making your own yogurt. I find the post very helpful and she really makes an effort on documenting the factors and step-by-step way to do it. 

That's it for today I guess. Wow, I can't believe it took me an hour to write a day worth of journal post for this. No wonder I stopped blogging. LOL. I think I write too much too. I'm getting very long-winded I guess. 

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