Adorable Starbucks Card | Soon En's Birthday | Key Cover

Mashed up a few post in one again. LOL. 
Just wanna say something about this super pretty Starbucsk card!!!!! They seriously know how to make money, I had to reload RM150 to have this card. I guess it's okay since it's basically free anyway. I guess I don't have to reload it for at least a year now. 


We also celebrated Soon En's birthday on the 10th of December in Logenhause, Taipan. His birthday was the next day but poor thing, he had to work even on his/Sultan Selangor's birthday. No off day for him even though it's basically a public holiday for the whole Selangor. 

Another year has passed! Hope you found your partner in life soon! *laughs* 

Looking at this picture. I don't understand why Vudh was sitting so low in his chair..... LOL?

We were actually twitching quite a lot when our picture was taken. So, you can see... this picture... looks very.. distracting. Plus some of us was laughing at the fact that Thum was sitting to straight (eg. my mum and me)


And also on another note, made a half-asses key cover for mum. LOL. The roof didn't look like a triangle but it looks like a half circle instead. I was following a pattern when I do this but the pattern was for a much smaller version. My mum's key bunch was a lot bigger so I had to make a bigger one... but couldn't figure how to make it triangular when flattened. So, this is the end result. 

Personally thinks huge bunch of keys + a huge key cover... is not very... pretty...
But it's not for my use anyway so.. :P

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