December Kangaroo | Goodbye Year 2014

It's the last day of the year, and I decided to write a quick update of my December. Yes, as you all know (or not know), my birthday falls on one of the days in tis' chilly month. One of the special day. *ekhem*

Attended Jo Ann's brother wedding and got the chance to go back to my hometown after 3 months and finally get to see baby Aiden! Eh, why no pic?!?!?!?! I also don't know why I didn't take picture of the baby. I'm so used to not taking pictures these days since I don't blog that much anymore. :( Sad case. Never mind, I have loads of time to take his picture when I finish my finals.

A simple dinner gathering with le friends and family at "A Pie Thing", since I've always wanted to try the food here after I saw my friend posted the picture up long time ago. Some friends are missing in the pictures because they were not in Malaysia. :(( Well, I don't really mind that much actually.

Requested le boyfriend to make a bad-ass cake and here's what he did. The Kit-Kat ft. M&m's Chocolate Cake. Inspired by 9gag!? Haha, it's quite nice actually. A little bit too sweet but still okay since I love both m&m's and kit kat. 
I was kind of mad when he asked me what to get me for Christmas. Being a female and all, I got angry and disappointed because I expected him to get me something that I really want without asking me "What I want". You feel me? Because I never asked him what he wants for his birthday. Well... maybe that's because he will tell me what he likes or want to buy all year long and I'll just pick one of those things he mentioned. LOL. So, I ended up telling him to make this cake if he really don't know what to get me. Then I gave up and told him about the crochet tool thingy that I wanted to buy but never did because it's too expensive. So, in the end, I think he got me 3 things. Homemade cake, crochet hooks, and macaroons. I've ranted about the macaroons too last time because he bought them for his friends but none for me. Hahaha. I can be a really jealous person okay. 
But if you ask me, I think handmade gifts are the most heartwarming ones, no matter what they are. Unless they are some sculpture of some feces or something. 

Okay, random. Just wanna slot in a picture of this beautiful cat I saw in a pet shop the other day in Seremban. Damn chio this cat, some more want pose give me and see other place.

Finally got to try the foods in Magnum Cafe. I don't really eat ice-cream much but this is definitely a thumbs up from me. I forgot what the thing in the mason jar is called. But it's super duper omg delicious man. Plus it contains strawberry!! But only one lah. Was curious of the fries with chili chocolate dip. Seriously, don't order that. It tasted super weird because the chocolate dip was actually a bit bitter and spicy. No sour or sweetness. So I guess you can say it's pretty bland. Since the fries was already tasteless. Nope, no sprinkled salt or anything. So, better stay clear if you're not into "void"-taste food. 

We went skating too. And yes, I actually asked him to skate with me for quite a few time already but he always rejected my invitation.... Because we both don't really know how to skate. Lol. But we finally did it due to someone's change of heart. Birthday girl has a lot of special powers? Haha. 
Even though we're both amateurs, it's okay, it's still fun... when you're not falling down with your face on solid ice. But I got home with a really big bruise on my left thigh. Yay~ my Christmas present from IOI Would love to skate or roller-blade again though, because it beats running anytime. LOL

What face is that? *cry + laugh*

I think I have to rephrase some sentences. I think I got 4 presents instead of 3. 
Fourth present: Date + Magnum + Skating + Thai Food. Which is just awesome. 

And also, I got a gift for myself too this year. A really special one. :)


Since it's the end of the year, it is also time for New Year's Resolution!!! To start off, of course I need to see back what I have written last year as my 2014 Resolution and see if I have achieved them or not. 
  1. Get BETTER results! I challenge myself to get CGPA of 3.75 or more for the next year. 
  2. Get lean and stronger. According to my IBM, 46kg should be my target. 
  3. Learn to get committed to things and do the best I can for it.
  4. Change to a better person. Don't get caught up in negative things and always stay on the positive side.
  5. Change my attitude because sometimes I can be rude to people, better be as nice as I can.
  6. Travel to Australia! (in the process of planning) but still, anywhere new is fine for me too. 
  7. Try to finish what I started. Like the cross stitch projects and also the books that I'm reading.
  8. Be more romantic. It's a good thing no?
  9. Get to know more people and build my network!
  10. Learn how to save money. My money is flowing out like a waterfall. And also work hard to earn them when I have the time. 
Well.... Wow, that's a lot of red. Unfortunately, I have not achieved many of them...... I think I scored no. 8 because... because I said so okay. Some things I should tell my past self when I was writing this down. #rantagain #complainagain
To be fair, my CGPA is almost there but I foresee it going down again after my last semester. But I really do hope I can maintain above 3.67 THE LEAST. Else, PTPTN waive bye bye.
To be realistic, girls.. don't aim for lighter weight. Aim for healthier lifestyle. Muscle is still weight, and you need that weight. You can get rid of fat but your weight doesn't determine how much fat you have. So, don't be obsessed with figures, focus on how you feel and look. Which I think I'm healthier this year. Or not. I have really poor self-control over food.
I'm not really committed to most of the things in my life. I realize I'm doing everything half-assed, it's like I'm losing faith in myself in doing things. I don't know.
As you can see above, I always get caught up on negative things and not always think of the bright side. I'm more moody this year round, not sure why.
I'm still rude... to SOME people.
Nope, Australia? Nope. But I went to Ho Chi Minh City, which is quite nice actually.
I still have a cross stitch project left half-done. But I'm more on amigurumis now, which I'm OBSESSED with currently.
I'm still a introvert. I still like to keep most things to myself and I didn't give any effort on knowing new people, because I'm just happy with what I have right now.
My money is still flowing out like crazy, but I'm learning to make some on my own too even without part-time promoters job.

I'm like comforting myself for not striking out most of my last year resolutions. *cries/laugh face*. No, I'm not giving reasons why I cannot do these things, I'm just turning it around and make it sound like it's actually a good thing not achieving what I have written. LOL.

I'm not making a "looking back this year" part like I used to due to time constraint and I'm really sleepy right now and I'm panicking over so many things but I still don't attempt to finish what I should be doing and I should be smacked with a fly swatter for being like this and oh okay never mind.
I don't know if it's my calling or what but ever since I started making this amigurumi few  years back, I wasn't really interested in making them like I'm doing it right now. Maybe it's just a temporary thing like my cross-stitch hobby last time. But honestly, I can't help but think about it all the time ever since few months ago when I was more active in this hobby which is last September. It's only been 4 months or more but I do enjoy making them. I used to make them by referring to patterns written by others but now I'm making my own patterns and even sketching out the things I wanted to do. I still love drawing and I still love doodling, this has never changed. And I have to admit, I'm still impressed at my art work that I drew long time ago. LOL. I admire myself some times. I don't know if I have really high confidence or what but I really think that I have talent for making amigurumi because somehow I have an eye for details when making them. I'm really passionate about making them look how they are, I even research a lot on different techniques even though I have ABSOLUTELY NO TIME to do these because I was suppose to be busy with my FYP and midterm. So, I ended up with a really bad result for one of my subject I'm taking this trimester and my FYP is not going very well. I have to say it's going way below what I've expected also. Even though I keep telling myself I should be busy doing that, I still ignore it and make amigurumi. It's like my way of escaping reality. I know it's toxic to be thinking this way. I wanted to really focus on it, just until next month where all will be finalize and be gone with. I'm also stopping myself from going out and hanging out with friends too... but I ended up doing nothing at home. Which is a really annoying thing. But I'm okay with doing assignment, once I get started, I'll finish it. But for FYP.... I'm not sure why it's so hard for me to continue. Even though I said I like coding, I definitely hate coding for this so much that I'm so sick of it and never want to program for something like this again.
Even though one is good at one stuff, it doesn't mean one likes to do it. Sigh.
I'm also thinking of just work at home selling my dolls in the future and make it bigger or something. Start an entrepreneurship. Just forget about engineering. What bullshit is this, studying for a degree that you barely like. Seriously, don't study a degree for the sake of getting a degree. It'll make your life miserable and it's just wasting your time and money. What kind of society we're living in that makes everyone feel this way. I believe everyone is born in this world for a reason, everyone is good at something but often they don't have a chance in pursuing them because of $$ problems. Sigh.
 I blame my ignorance for this, for not changing my own fate when I had the chance. But what done is done, at least now I know that I don't really like studying in this field.

Wow, this new year post is becoming a rant instead. I don't meant to upset anyone with these though. It's just what I'm currently thinking right now. And I can tell you, I always think too much.

I should set a more realistic goal for next year.

  1. Pursue your dreams and don't stop till you get there, even if it's just a tiny little step, just take it one at a time.
  2. Don't let anyone tell you what you should do or not do (with reasons, not baseless ones)
  3. Live healthier, eat healthier.
  4. Learn to manage your money flow.
  5. Learn to manage your time.
  6. No more doing things at last minute. Just focus on one thing at a time and not everything at once.
  7. Be happy everyday and remind yourself that you have people who loves you.
  8. Do more good deeds. Volunteer or donate when you are making your own money.
  9. More cooking! 
  10. Explore.
Just something I thought of in a whim. I think I need to write this down in my journal so that I can see it everyday and be reminded of them. 

Happy New Year!

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