Pink Love Bear Amigurumi + Pattern on Etsy!

I'm actually pretty beat up now. But just for the sake of not procrastinating. I'm writing a short one right at this moment. I received a custom order from my ex-junior from my ex-middle school and she requested I make something like the picture on the left. So, my version is basically the one on the right. Not exactly the same of course but quite close! AHA! 

I'm pretty impressed of myself actually because I manage to make another amigurumi without referring to any pattern. In fact, I've written out the pattern too, it's on sale on my Etsy webpage!
Not planning to sell the "made to order" version anytime soon. Maybe I'll put it on my listing next month, for Valentine event. 

Below are just pictures describing how I did it from scratch to something.
Excuse me, my eyelids are half opened right now, so basically I can't really think of much things to say. There might be typos too. Sorry bout that. 

and wua laa~~~

I used cotton yarn to do this. Cotton yarn is so much better to work with when compare to acrylic yarn. But the cost are much higher though plus I can't find cheap cotton yarns in my area. I have to order them online. Speaking of yarns, I've collected so many yarns these few months. I have 4 shoe boxes & 2 popcorn buckets & 2 huge plastic bags to basically store them and it is still not enough for me. It's growing so much! Plus there isn't any good space in the house for me to put... So I guess, it's here and there in the living room.

Thinking of doing a DIY display/stash place but.... well, have to ask the permission from the owner of the house first. Plus it's a lot of work.

Okay, okay, getting side tracked there.

Please purchase it from my Etsy shop for the instructions if you would like to make this item on your own. Thank you very much!

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