Hibernation Mode

Gonna hibernate again.
Going back to Teluk Intan tomorrow to resume my boring days.
Oh shyt. My homeworks.... =.=
Planning to not do BI homework cause i dont have any materials to copy from.
Yeargh~~ i wish i lived in KL. Everyday can go shopping.

*rant rant rant*


Khalil and Joanna!!

My two fav singers~!
Well, Joanna is kinda new for me.
I love her deep voice..

And of course
hyperventilating!! fuh~~~
oh hail the king of R&B. =P

I love you!!
lolx.. i mean i love your amazing voice and wonderful music...

Lots of love from Joey. haha

Rome, Italy

I swear on my hamster's dead body that i will go to Rome, Italy before i die.


dance move

I wish i could dance like this.. T.T

Some things for the ladies..

I found some vids related to make-up
i'm lazy to search for it again next time if i forget how
So here...
And i am sharing it, ain't I a good person???
apply Fake eyelashes

DIY pretty, eyelashes

Eye make-up,

for single eyelid people

big round mesmerizing eyes

Movie Marathon!!... well.. not really

10 June 2009.

i had my first

Well, does watching 2 movies in a row in the cinema count?
yes it is then. =D

I watched these movies today.

Actually, we plan to watch 3 movies
but some error occurred
and not enough time. haiz
Me, my bro, and my siao yi go only.
Siao yi took half day work today.
Originally, she planned to sleep with the time she had today. [pig la]
But then nothing to do, so we go watch movie.
Got people sponsor us go de. wahaha..
My lao gou/aunty so good. lolx.
Movie Review
[warning, may contain spoilers]
Monsters vs Aliens
It's really funny
It's kinda good too.
And oh, I watched it in 3D
*evil laugh* [i learned it from the mad Prof Cockroach =P]
Ticket money = RM17 each person.
Damn expensive. =.=
My Siao yi buy ady only she know how much it cost.
plus its Wednesday today so got discount i think.
I dont wanna know how much it cost on other days. O.o
But its a good new experience.
I wore glasses today to the cinema, so it's kinda not comfortable for me at first.
and yes, i wore two glasses when i was watching the movie.
Won't blur, so, no complains. =P
Really very 3D-ish.. Duh~ of course la, it's already in 3D. Zz.
My fav part was when tat Bob thingy says something to the selfish human guy, near the end of the movie.
Really very funny. hahahha~!
The way he wobble a green jello at his face.
[u might don unds wat i am saying unless you have watched the movie]
I laughed like a maniac with the crowds.
Angels and Demons
Boring at first, because i don't know what the hell they were saying with their science lingo or whatever.
Plus some other language.. i don't know wat language is that. =P
I yawned many times. lolx.
I think my left tear-duct is damaged,
cause my left eye is producing too much tears today.
while the other eye was staying neutral
out topic.. =P
very 'gan jeong' when the chase for the illuminati began.
That's the not-so-boring part and i stopped yawning. hehe.
Rome is so so so so SO beautiful.
I think i would love it if my future honeymoon is in Rome. lolx!

Shogun buffet experience

Life is unexpected

I was suppose to write this blog yest..
but i didn't. i don't know but i didn't
And here i am, and i will... i will update some pics too
not from my phone or camera.. but from those i found in the internet. =
Me, mummy, bro, grandma, siao yi, and my "lao gou"[aunt] went to Sunway
We went shopping and i bought many things including:

Some small piece of wig [something like this but different colour: blue and blonde]

About.... urm, actually i didn't know what time it was
but i know it was 'chow' time. =DD
the japanese buffet restaurant look something like this....

There are so many foods there.
My grandma tried to taste all of the food there by taking a small portion for each type of food that they offered.
And she ended up with a big plate of "ca-pa-lang"
Because too many food. she say haven't took all food.. these are only a few.
My gawd, i think she was starving that time. She really ate many food. lolx

There are many foods there but all of them look kinda weird.
village girl ma~~ not used to seeing things like this.
so, i just ate sushi.. and salmons... and fruits
that's all.. =P kinda stupid rite? Go there just eat sushi.. waste money.. Zzz...
but i did steal some food from my grandma. wahaha

My favourite dish was................
*drum roll*
Apple + chocolate.. =P

WAhahaha~! kinda silly i know.
Did you all notice something in the pic above?
They have a chocolate fountain!!! YIAH!!! Heaven on Earth.. ~~~~ *flys*
=P i just dip some apples on stick in it and chomp it all up.
I am really a chocoholic. lolx

Doesn't these makes you drool???

yum yum yum... lolx.

I feel something is missing in my blog everytime i open it.
Now i know why...

No friggin pics
It's not because i don't want to.
It's i cant.
Because my friggin hp needs some kind of program for the computer to download to move my pics.
PS. i always online at other places and not at my home [where the program is installed]
My camera however... is defected.
I don't know why but it does... Stupid retarded camera. i hate you. Zz..
well. i'll upload some if i have a chance again..

Guys guys guys... whats the matter you them?

Life is unexpected.

I decided to write a post about guys in my point of view.
First of all, if you're an "Adam" species, please don't be offended anyway how.
If you're an "Eve", you would probably agree with me [probably]

First glance
Normally, when girls see guys, we will normally target those good-looking ones.=D
So do Guys, the prettier the better.
That is why people invented the magic tools, MAKE-UP.
Now, no matter how old you are, as long you're teen or above, your hormones will automatically kick in and you will have the urge to buy them and try them on.
Why do we make-up you say?
To look prettier... for whom?

And here they are, some of them says
"Oh, i like girls without make-up better"
HECK, without make-up, you guys think you will look at us meh???
please la, Zz..
but luckily, we, village girl eg. Teluk Intaners very less make-up de.
Got oso play play onli, no go out with make-up de.
But we are still pretty pretty belaka oso la. wahaha! =P
Those girls in KL or big big de city different la..
They must make-up when they go out shopping or anywhere.
True, today i go do research when i went to Sunway.
Majority oso got make-up and stick fake eyelashes and wore their tiny skimpy mini skirts and singlets.
I see them wear so less i also will feel cold for them.
For what they wanna do these le?
One word - Guys

When you meet one
Chat first.
In sms, msn, internet, blah blah blah.
Question they will surely ask..
"You got bf ma??" =.= what? is that all you people got in your mind?
We girls won't ask if we don't give a damn.
Unless we are really interested in them. wahaha
"aiya, that pretty one cannot get, this one oso can la"
This is the impression i got when i chat with majority of the guys.
What with the lame pick-up line. here some example.
"You so pretty", "You so cute", "No bf a? choose me la! hahaha"
=.= These are... so... uber... lame...
I want a friend!! NOT A FREAKIN BF!! sheessh
When girls chat with guys, they will normally think we are interested in them.
But actually the truth is, we as a polite person should reply to your message/question.
Unless they get under my skin, i will surely ignore that kind of person.
Okay. when we ask some question its because we want to know more about our friends, and not finding a candidate for some friggin partner.
=.= sheesh.

Sometimes, i wish i was a guy.
so that everytime i chat with some male friends, they will not think other things.
And more importantly their mind won't fly somewhere far away. Unless they want to be gay.

If you have a not-serious boyfriend... huh..
This is from my point of view, as i have never been in any kind of serious relationships.
I was a naive person in the past.
if i couldn't get anything better, anything in front of me will do.
And my hormones are kicking in last time.. so, i regret for doing something i shouldn't do.
Note to self: No rash decisions. Gawd PLEASE no.

2 out of 3 of my relationship gave me these impressions on guys with their new gf.
First thing on their mind : Physical contact.
what? Now you can do anything you want because i'm your girlfriend?
Don't you think you should talk with me to get to know me more?
And not try to touch me and simply do some stupid things to me...
Girl's lust meter is not so easily triggered unless we are in the mood to.
Guy's... well.. their Lust button is on all the time.

I think those not really the smart/hardworking-in-school type are usually perverts.
But i think those with more IQ is different la..
So, lesson learned. Find a partner that have the same or higher standard than me.
I'm so stupid last time.. T.T fuh~

The serious type of boyfriend
So far...
I'm such a bad girl...
confession of mine : i get easily bored with the same face. WHY OH WHY!?!???
I really wish i can change this bad habit of mine.
And meet my soulmate and stick with him until death do us part. [if he exists]

MEN ARE SICK! Japan! yes, u heard me!

Tsk.. tch~!!!!!
SICK BEAST!!! mens are.... urgh. really. seriously, u guys are so sick
well, not all of the guys but those maniacs that is so evil porno-sick-ish!!

why am i reacting like this? you ask?
this is because i just read some news in the newspaper recently.
i got to know that in Japan, some idiotic sick guys made a game called "Rape-blah"
okay, i forgot the friggin name but WHATEVES.

the newspaper said that this game is about raping girls.. =.= Truly sick-ish dont you think??
You can get points by stalking girls, raping them, and blah blah, all those immoral things.
WHAT THE HECK! that was the first thought of this game.
who the hell @$#%@! friggin bastard !$#$%#@
you better hide your arse somewhere far from the face of earth, because i'm gonna %#$@!! kick you donkey arse if i find you.

er hem.
Thank goodness that this game is banned.

that is all. =D
this is something like a "strike" from me.
whos with me!??!! say aye!
and help raise the awareness of "No kicking female butts"
and "PMS is very powerful" =P
thank you

Confucian Camp!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

OMG!! first of all, i would like to thanks Ming Q fer this.
lolz. this feel like i'm making a speech for some award i just received.=.=
oh well.. whateves, wahahaha

Okay now,
last week there was a camp in Teluk Batik.
It's kind of like an "ajaran agama" la. where we need to be polite and eat vege and blah blah blah
"polite", so hard to become one these days.. but i manage to do that la.
thank Gawd.

I love all the things there!
The people, the mentors, the beach, the sound of the ocean, the smell of wet socks.(eww, no)
The people there are really freakin friendly. no kidding.
these people are different, they talk to anybody and the socialize with anybody in a good way.
If compare to interact conference last year, i would vote for this camp.
=.= no hard feelings but, conference's people are sort of.. well.. snobby. =P

First day

I arrived at the meeting place in Teluk intan.
It's located after Caely Girl there.
First impression, "so many guys, where are the girls?!? omg, who the hell are these people?!?"
because never see them before ma.
That time i never talk to anybody, well, because i'm a very shy girl. (er hem er hem)
So i wait for Ming qiu and Ai wah to arrive so i can clique with them.
And they say we're suppose to be there before 7am. but they arrived at about 7.15++ =.= kns.
Then we went to the campsite located at Teluk Batik.
We were separated (i mean convent gang, only three of us didn't know those more complicated chinese, so it is very hard to unds what they were talking about)
When the adults was giving a talk about something, three of us would automatically become zombie.
Looking far into space, yawning, "huh"-ing, blur blur, asking this and that.
We were separated into other groups.
Scared at first, all strangers, nobody knows anybody there.
But then we get along really really well, in a blink of an eye.

Their ice breaking is so effective.
I was so lucky that they keep pairing me up with some nice-looking guys. =P
wahahaha.. hmmm... dreamy~~~ lolx.
Food oso not bad la, have to cook ourself lo.
All oso vege no meat, thank you for that, bcz my mom said i look thinner. WOOHOO!
And in my group, only guys do all the cooking, i wonder y is that. =P
Thank you guys in my group for the wonderful meal, you guys should be cooks in the future. lolx

Second day

Telematch on the beach!!
blah blah.. same thing happen.
OH! Jungle trekking was so FUN!!
i hate sports but i love jungle tracking/trekking (whateves)
i'm weird, i know. haha
At night, we were given some task to act
yes, act, all very funny presentation. I WANT THOSE VIDS!
i hope those mentors will really burn some cd for us.. and the pics too.
we were given some time to socialize among other groups at night.
We talk about lots of thing, meet more new friends and amazing person.
Played truth or dare. talk talk talk.
Some weird thing happen, but i cannot say what is it in here,
Too public. er hem.

Third day

Sad, because we have to leave and live our old boring lifes. T.T
But majority of the campers are teluk intaners, but really very hard to see them lo.
Go there oso first time saw their faces.
haiz... i miss them now too.
On that day, we were given some time to exchange our details.
like um, notes, numbers, e-mails.. blah..
went back, tired, bathed, fainted with muscle cramps.

if i have pics, i will upload it next time, but sadly no..
haiz.. got some but in my hp, cannot transfer. T.T

k le, bb..