Starbucks lunch, homemade food and iphone app

The title is sooooooooo random. I have no idea what short and simple title to give anyway. So the heck with it.
 The starbucks in Cyberjaya have a new set of menu for lunch hours. Available from 11am till 3pm though. And the price range from RM12 - RM19. Actually, the price was normal, I expect it would be more expensive. Well, because *we all know* Starbucks' drinks are a lil bit pricey yet, we spend moolahs to enjoy the luxury of wonderful frappuccino. 

 Bolognese spaghetti and Chicken Lasagna 

To my disappointment, the food wasn't that great. I'm no "God of Eatery" but spaghetti was urm.. how to I describe it? Berputus-putus lah. Lasagna was waaaayyy to hard to chew. But the aroma is good. Meh, it's ready-made, so can't do anything about it. 

And people thought he got fired from his job. HAHAHA

 Recently, started to cook again. It's been awhile since I enter a kitchen and make a meal from a scratch.
Actually, the pasta was my first cooked meal in Cyberjaya. Oh hurrah, I didn't fail or burn anyone's hair off.

Midterm? Pffftttttttttt......
I love memes

And I finished vamp diaries Season 3 yesterday.. And I have midterm yesterday. 

And I'm hooked on these games right now. Iphone app mind you.

jakhlfiuewhfkasdcnlakjsddfs MUSICCCCC SHOOOOO NICCEEEEEEEE

Jesus, I need to start studying for tomorrow's quiz and midterm. But I'm here blogging! and googling image of ombre hair! and here and there! and everywhere! Yikes.

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