Abraham Lincoln, Soon Lok, Chatime, Penang One

7th July 2012

Brunch at Restaurant Soon Lok, Puchong

Candids, Candids everywhere
We ordered half a duck. It was really tasty but unfortunately, TOO OILY. Like bleh. But still tasty lah the sauce and all. Ordered some char siew and siew yuk too. Not bad also.  

Poor Soonen, forced to finished up the leftovers. You see those two hands which are passing food to him? Yeah, it's not me. I'm in no part of it. Haha

If you would ask me what I think about this movie, I think it is ridiculous... but interesting and unique. How they intertwined the plot about vampires and the political status of the nation. Very creative indeed. And very deep. I don't even know what's happening in some of the scenes. I mean EVERY scene about the political things because my mind just kinda *poof* don't want to understand.
And what's up with the axe?
I don't get it. 

Above average

Tried out the Genmaicha for the first time. I will never order this drink again. It's bitter and has the aroma of roasted tea leaves. If you intend to try it, one advice. Don't put any pearl in it. X6

Damn, someone looks emotional enough that day. :P

So adorable. :3

But on the other hand, this person looks like a stalker. LOL

An elf! I found a real-life elf............ ear.. bwahaha. It's pointy!

Early dinner at Penang One, Puchong

Chee Cheong Fun was really good!

Awesome Char Kuey Teow they serving! It is seriously very good. MUST TRY! 

Laksa was a bit of a disappointment for me. I expect better but it lacks of flavor. 

Curry mee was pretty good also. 

If you're wondering where's my face in this post. Well, here I am! 

And here again. ♥
So happy to see him. Well, maybe I don't look that excited but I was ecstatic inside. I'm no good with emotion and stuff *except rage that is*. I wish I could spend more time with this bastard, but I had to study  and get ready for my Monday's exam. If not, I would give my whole weekend to him. LOL. Such a let down. *Sigh* 
Until we meet again, love. 

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