Steak Out and another panda named Shasha

Had dinner with the old ones :P 
Steak Out Steakhouse, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Soon En, Ivan, and Ivan's friend. I'm sorry, I forgot his name! DX

Alicia and me

I ordered Pork ribs. They were.. okay only. :| Wouldn't recommend it to friends I guess

Mexico something something (which I do not know the name of) pasta is kinda nice.

Lemon chicken?? I'm not sure about this one either. But it's sour! Taste weird!

The service? BAD. Really bad. I don't think they are Malaysians because they talk in a different language that I have never heard before. Maybe from Myanmar or something. They punched in the wrong order, so charged us extra. Luckily got check before we went back. And the tone of  the cashier when I complained, feels like he wanna punch the worker who wrote wrongly *or even wanna punch me. :S*

awwww, so sweeettttt

Soon En looked so ridiculous. He made that face because he was being teased by almost everyone there. Haha! Oh, and Eric came by too. 

Macaroons I bought at Berry's
Cost me RM10 for one box. Not bad. :)

When I came back home, a mutant ninja was born. Damn, it's like she's born to wear those panda costume. HAHAHA

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