Alicia the panda and Starbucks

Hehe, I made her wear those panda eyes and claw. XD

I love this picture. SO ADORABLEEEEEEE!!!

Oh hey, yes, ironically, a non-coffee drinker is working in a coffee company. As a part-time of course. And I have to say this, working for the closing time.. IS FUCKING TIRED. I don't like doing cleaning cleaning, soap, water, soap, water, and blah lah. Omg, keep give people boss around some more. 
I keep forgetting I can't drink coffee, I ordered Mocha Praline from my EmpBev just now. And it contain coffee base. I'm so hyper just now, luckily I'm feeling a tad bit sleepy right now at 2am. And I'm hungry. jezz..

Hmmm... Tired but it's fun. Meet some new friends. I can't quite join in the "gang" yet. I don't talk much to them either. :S Jason and Yin is in better terms with me. Meh, how come I can't be closer to the girls. Maybe in the future.

lol, yes, selca
Came back late today. Around 11.30pm. He's busy with work and meeting, and I was busy with my part time job. So no skype today. Huhu. But I felt ecstatic when he said he's coming back. ♥ I didn't think I would see him again this soon. lol.

8am class 2moro. But I guess I'll just sleep through it.. HAHAHA. I hope not.

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