4th July 2012

Happy fourth of July to all Americans out there! That is indeed a random wish, as I don't celebrate whatsoever 4th of July. It's just a random coincidence and I just decided to write a post down today. Ohohohohohoho. Silly me, typing whatever that comes into my mind. Oh, how I love typing long long long post with so so so many words without caring the contents. I miss blogging so so much. But my brain is dried up and I'm out of idea. So i'm just gonna crap a lot in this blog (as how I have planned in the nick of time).

Have been inspired by my.. urm.. my... hmm, what should I call him? My love? Ohhh, sounds so vintage-y, i like. The term "bf" is so overrated I think. *sticks tongue out* He's keeping a journal like blog but he got lazy and was too busy to continue on after his first day of work. But after I see him do it, I want to emulate him too. So there.

Went to class as usual, wasn't paying any attention and midterm is around the corner. OH, STR-ESSSSS. Pimples keep appearing on my forehead, eyebrows and chin. Oh, please go away already, I don't need you to add salt to my wound!
Went to Flora Festival with fellow housemates and Sylvia at Putrajaya today. It was really... not what I have expected. It's... so bad. SO so so bad. I don't know, maybe I just have a bias towards non-Malaysian-made things.

Le companions

Didn't snap too much photos as my phone was low and battery and my phone cover keep falling off. It was really annoying. 

Say hello to 3 of the Cacvenger.
 Obviously, it's not mine. I mean, I have a fair share of amount time taking care of cacti, and I failed. Big time. So, never was I repeating the same mistake again. And who would name their cactus plant?!?!? Oh yeah, my imaginative housemates. Two of 'em. And I was forced to say hello to the new house pets. Say hello to Thor, Tony Stark and Hulk. LOL

omg, surpriseeeee.

I'm hellavu sleepy right now. All thanks to the slow streamyx line. Uploading 7 of these pictures took me a good 30 minutes. I'm procrastinating so much! I haven't even been blogging my Seoul trip. I even planned to post my Penang trip in my main blog, but was too lazy. So I post all the pictures in my facebook. Meh.. Laziness strikes again.

Random note : Oh my gawd, my EM Theory lecturer look so much like him. But he's kinda an Indian version of him. Mr Gobi, you look quite handsome for an Indian guy. You're welcome. hahaha!

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