2/5/14 & 6/5/14 Alley Cafe, Georgetown

Let me introduce to you, one of my favorite cafe in Georgetown, The Alley! I've actually tried quite a few number of cafes in Penang, most of them are mostly the same but this one shot an arrow to my heart. Why you ask? Lemme tell you why, in a few scrolls downward...

My first visit was with my other intern colleagues but the place was full though so we didn't get the chance to yumcha there. Plus, there were roughly 6 of us, which makes it harder to secure a table because the cafe is very very very small so there's limited amount of seating. My second visit was with Alicia and Xiao Le, who both came to Penang at the same time for different reasons! 

Selfie before review!

Cappuccino, RM9
Comes with a piece of peanut biscuit. 

Hot Chocolate, RM10

Choc Mint Frappe, RM13
I always order this at Starbucks when Christmas is around the corner. Love love love the chocolate mint frap that they serve! Almost like the ones in Starbucks. 

image Cronut with Nutella topping, RM8 image
In case you don't know what cronut is, it's the baby of croissant and donut! THIS IS YUMMMMMYYYYY!!! 

image Churros, 4 pieces - RM6, 6 pieces - RM9 image
You can't find this anywhere else in Penang. Heck, I can't even find it in Selangor or KL area. I just remembered I had churros before when I was in Seoul. Super crispy and goes super well with salted caramel sauce. Definitely a must try!

image White Chocolate Cheesecake, RM10 image
I was attracted by the name because I have never had a white chocolate cheesecake before. Surprisingly good! Many praises to the baker!

And boom, time traveled, and I was here again with another bunch of friends because I simply can't resist introducing good food when I have found some. This time we were smart, we went earlier but still need to wait awhile to get a comfy seat. 

Pomelo Cheesecake, RM10
Tried another one of their cheesecake, a bit of variation only but still love them. Perfect cheesecake!

Caramel Latte, RM11

Macho Mango, RM13
Fruity choice, just okay. Not much to boast about this drink. 

Rating | 9.5/10
Wow, this is really a high rating from me. Tempted to give a 10 but it is impossible of course. The only downside of this place was the size of the cafe. I hope they had a bigger place because it is simply too packed and uncomfortable to sit for long hours. The snacks and drinks are great! No complains here. The staff was super friendly and funny too. I really like the spunky cashier girl who served us. 

5 Stewart Lane, 
10200 George Town, Penang
Phone | 04-261 3879
E-mail | thealleypenang@gmail.com
Opening Hours | Everyday 12pm - 12am

Even though the place was packed, we manage to take pictures like crazy in there. I think the other customers must have thought that we were insane and noisy too. Nevertheless, I present to you, pictures!

So many props to play with. Haha. And look! A really rare picture of Chia Soon smiling so naturally. He's a bit camera awkward but luckily manage to take this candid photo of him when we were making fun of him and his awkward camera pose. 

Saikin and me. Together we are the Cyberjaya MMU Intern duo!

Ah Mah, the mother of the group. 

Lol, so gay

Making faces with some photobombing going on.

Pei Ying and me image

I don't know.. idk anymore. Joo Han, Chia Soon and David.

Gonna end this post with a group photo of course.
Oh, I miss my intern and the friends I made there already! Looking forward to our roadtrip together! I hope it is still on?!

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