[SR] Charme Eclipse Grey Review

I'm back again for another contact lens review! Thanks to GlassesOnline again, this is my second time reviewing lenses for them. 

This time I ordered Charme. Usually I would go for GEO lens because I feel comfortable wearing them but wanted to try other brand so I choose Charme. I've tried Charme once before, I'll get to that review the next time. It was actually recommended to me by an experienced contact lens wearer and she says she can actually wear them all day long in air-cond room (working indoor) and not feel tired. 

In my opinion, this doesn't hold true for everyone because each individuals has different eyeballs so it really doesn't mean that the lens will work for you if it works for somebody else. The only way to find out is to try them. Does that mean I am contradict myself by writing a review like this? LOL. Okay, maybe a little but at least you know how it looks on a real person instead of photo-shopped images. But anyway, yea, I ended up trying another brand and series!

This always happens to me. Did you notice the slight difference in color on both side of the contact lenses? Since I have different power levels for both my eyes, I have to order 2 boxes. Not the first time for me. If the batch is different, this happens. Even though it looks very obvious here but thank goodness it is not noticeable on the eyes. 

*About Base Curve*
I've actually learnt something new about base curve. Usually I will just ignore it because I don't know what it meant. But thanks to a very kind-hearted lady boss that I've met during my part-time in an optical shop, I have learned something new. You can actually go to an optical shop near you and ask for a quick check-up to find out your eyes' base curve measurement. So you'll know your eyes' base curve and with that, you can select the lenses that have base curves that is closest to your eyes' curve. Mine is 8.2mm. She said if I'm wearing lenses with bigger base curve, the lenses will move quite a lot when I blink, and I actually get that a lot especially when my eyes are really dry and I just blink like crazy. So it's best to choose those with value closest to your eyes' base curve.
A random short info, I hope you don't mind reading some interesting and useful things. 

Here's a bonus and random picture with make-up. 

Lens : Charme Eclipse Grey
Also available in Brown

Color & Design : ❤❤❤
Enlargement : 
Comfort : 
Overall : 
Design wise, I don't really like it because it doesn't really blend well, and color is very subtle. Despite that, I can see well with it, the printed color didn't block my sight and didn't have any problem wearing it for long hours but still, will get a little irritated after 8 hours. For those who like subtle changes in their eyes with little enlargement, this is a good choice. I would prefer a lighter shade of grey color though, so this is a no-no for me.
Funny thing was, I didn't know they were monthly lenses. I'm very used to 3 months lens, so I ended up wearing them longer than I was supposed to. Luckily, nothing happened. 

Some selfies while wearing the Charme Eclipse Grey lenses.

Okay, time for some more wordy wordy text words!
Some Q&A about Glasses Online Malaysia and some of my opinions.

What does glasssesonline.com.my do?
Glasses Online Malaysia does not only sell contact lenses, they also sell Glasses/Spectacles/Sunglasses like Ray BanPradaMarc Jacobs, and a whole lot more at the cheapest price! You can even browse through and filter out the frame shape that you like or your face shape so it's easier to search the ones that are suitable for you. So convenient!

Is it easy to find the product that you are looking for in the website?
Very. I can choose by brands, types, and even prices too.

Is it easy to purchase on glassesonline.com.my?
Yes! For contact lenses. But the only down side was that I can't actually try the glasses if I wanted to buy them since it's an online based shop. Though, they do provide the measurements of the products.

What does glassesonline.com.my do differently than other glasses/sunglasses stores? 
A lot of choices, with cheaper price! Can even COD!

Was the shopping experience great? If so, what makes glassesonline.com.my great? Was the shopping experience bad? If so, what makes glassesonline.com.my bad?
Yes and no. Yes, because of the ease of selections and the price is much more cheaper than the ones in retail shops. The stage of purchasing was easy enough but the waiting time was excruciating, I had to wait like a few weeks. The delivery time was not spot on as suggested. Originally, I chose another brand but turns out they discontinued it. Weird though, they only told me this like a week after I purchased them and I still see that product for sale on their website. I've already complained to them about this matter. I hope they would fix it and wouldn't let others experience the same thing. 

Who is the ideal person for this product?
The Charme Eclipse lenses are perfect for people who like minimal enlargement lenses with subtle difference. It's very natural and doesn't dry fast.

Where can you buy this product?
Click these links to buy Charme Eclipse Grey! This series also comes in another colour, Charme Eclipse Brown.

Just sharing my experience with you guys. These are my honest opinions towards the product and my shopping experience. Thanks for reading guys! 

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