Mugshot Cafe, Georgetown

My number 1 hang out spot in Penang! Because in a month's time, I was here for like 3-4 time.

They have expanded their shop in between my visits, and now they also sells pastries next door!

The reason for my frequent visits. I'm so so so into the yoghurts they have there.

My favourite of 'em all! Jackfruit & Gula Melaka, RM10
The combination is superb, paired with their homemade yoghurt! This is a must try, MUST TRY!! 
They also have it with Kiwi & Honey (my second favorite), Mango & Walnut, Walnut & Raisins.

Hot Choc, RM10

Only tried these two on our first visit to "test water" plus we were to full to order the bagel anyway. 

And of course you have to take your mugshots when you're in The Mugshots Cafe! 

Cappuccino, RM10
 On our second visit, Aleena actually requested for a monster drawing on her cup of morning coffee because we're getting quite friendly with the barista. Without fail, he did it but said he's bad at coffee art. So cute! With the two fangs too! Hahaha!

Bacon (Beef) & Egg Bagel, RM10
The famous item in the shop is the fresh toasted bagel. The only bagel that I've tried so far. I think it's perfect for breakfast and the portion is quite big, for me.

Potatoes and Meatballs
Hidden gem found behind the shop! There's two different bars offering different menus, one for pasta, meatballs (chicken, beef, lamb) and mash potatoes and the other ones for smoothies. Totally delish salty and mushy mash potatoes yum yum! 

Meatball Pasta

Having a great time with friends. I even went there on the last night I was in Penang.

Rating | 10/10
Perfect rating!?!? Not only are the food great, the staffs are super friendly! Not much comment I can think of, but I'm like addicted to the place. A must visit place when you're in Penang!

302 Chulia Street,
 10200 George Town, Penang
Opening Hours | Everyday 8am - 12am

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