Life updates: Triple date and capalang things

Wow, I felt like I just traveled through time because I haven't been updating about my life for quite awhile now! Can you believe it's July already!??! Half of year 2014 has already been spent, gone with the wind, and just *whoooosh-ed*. I've been so busy with a lot of things lately, I have barely the time to blog anymore. I've been busy with my FYP, my amigurumi thing, work, well.. okay, maybe I have a lot of time, I just spent it on doing some useless thing. I need de-stressing okay, need it so much because I'm so used to relaxing. It's probably not a good habit though. Should work harder and relax lesser. 

I'm actually itching to write this post because I want to share so many things suddenly, what I have done, what I have been up to, and all that. It's weird because I have to write my literature review which was given to me last few weeks, and the deadline is tomorrow, and I only wrote like one paragraph with 3 citing... which is not a good process. I don't know how I'm gonna write that. But just before I continue on squeezing my brain juice out of my big head, I'm gonna just release all these things out here first. I only feel like doing things when I'm really busy.. Yeap, that's how I roll.

I still have a lot of drafts in my blog! Mostly about collection of Penang food, some food reviews around KL, some make-up review, and also contact lens review. That reminds me, I've got *kinda* sponsored again to review a pair of contact lenses last 2 months, and I've YET taken any pictures for those. Oh my, I think I better do it by this week, else I'm going to start giving a bad name to myself. 

Okay okay, I think I have overloaded my intro in this post.

24th & 25th May 2014

I've ended my 3 months internship on the 23th May! It was short and sweet, but I think I was more active in playing rather than working in that short 3 months. I really had a lot of fun exploring and meeting new friends and stuffs. Right after my internship ended, I went for my very first triple date getaway with two of my oldest and best-est friends!

Sin Ling with her hubby and Jo Ann with her loverboy

It's so rare for us to get to hang out together outside of our hometown, we also brought along our other halves. I'm really happy we finally get to do this even though it's just a simple trip. Nothing extravagant.

Info Corner & Tips
We bought a travel package (2 days 1 night) Gold Coast Morib International Resort via GMC Travel & Tour for RM257 per couple/room. Please visit their facebook page, some times they have lower offer than their website. ALSO! One important thing, be sure to clarify your doubts before deciding because I noticed that they charge differently in their facebook and main page. For example, in their facebook they would write RM299 for two person but in their main page it's RM299 per person. I got kind of confused so I called and ask clearly. Now, why did I bold that? The customer service was smart enough to act dumb until I asked specifically. Be sure not to get scammed, I've learnt my lesson the hard way before and not again will I face the same situation. 

As for Gold Coast Morib, I felt like I got scammed because the water park was so small and basically perfect for kids to play around only. It's cheap though and I think it's more suitable for family occasions. Hotel rooms is clean with personal Jacuzzi but problematic. Each of us has different issues with our Jacuzzi, it's either the bubble maker is not working or the water is not hot enough or the water flow is too weak. 

The restaurant service was horrible. They ought to train their staffs for some manners and professionalism. The staffs tends to ignore the customers although there is only 3 tables of customers at that moment. They work slowly and are just good at asking you to wait.. Even when we were asking for the bill, we had to wait for 20 mins and they ended up calculating wrongly too. Serving time is slow but luckily their food was acceptable and quite nice or maybe we were just too darn hungry. Price-wise, just as we predicted, it's not cheap.

Thank god for full body-sized mirror though. 

Everything seems bad at the beginning with the disappointment of the waterpark, food service, and personal Jacuzzi. Fortunately, we were greeted by this amazing sunset view at the beach. I've never set foot on this kind of muddy beach before. It was overloaded with mini crabs! You can actually see them in the picture. Those small little dots are actually crabs. 

We even hunted for some weird sea creatures. Here is a hermit crab! 
We even found an injured horseshoe crab! It lost it's tail and we were actually quite surprised by it. Never thought we would find something like that there. At first we thought it was dead, but it was actually moving. That scared the shit out of me. Lol. Somehow I've lost the picture of it (or maybe it's in my bf's phone but I didn't bother to ask him to sent it to me). In case you're wondering how it looks like...

Picture found on google
Had loads of fun chasing crabs, they look so cute when they are building a sand barrier. So fascinated by them.

Trying to look photogenic without looking at the camera. LOL

Love this shot.

A picture without any photobomb-er behind us. Haha.

Group photo!
We went outside of the hotel for dinner. It was quite a drive. Also bought some awesome sweet potato crisp at the restaurant. I wish I knew where so I can tell you guys! But I don't. Blur case. 
Breakfast buffet served was not half bad, but be sure to wake up early and secure a good table! Else you're going to eat with the sun shining brilliantly on your whole face. 

We went to try Boat Noodle after checking out from the hotel. Traveled all the way to Empire Damansara for this.

The queue was CRAZY, we had to wait for like 2 hours just to be seated. Some even left because they can't stand it. Super hungry but we endured. We even went to a cafe to chill out first. 

Finally, it's here. It costs RM1.90 per bowl. As for me, I can finished one bowl in two mouthful. But of course as for guys, *slurp* once is enough. It may seem cheap, but it's actually not! Gimmick lah ni

Both of us ate 16 bowls. I actually preferred the dry beef option because it gave much more flavor and taste. Overall, it's quite nice! 

Here is a series of failed group photos. 

Not ready yet.

Sin Ling is missing suddenly

Finally everyone is in here but it's blurry! 

Our final count. Not much for 6 person. Hahaha.

I've recently been more active in the "fitness department". Even during my intern, I have been going to the gym but not much. Some times, don't even have the time to commit and I ate like A LOT. Desserts, sugar, big bowl of oily yumminess. Basically, calories over quota every single day. Okay, not great, not something that I should boast about. In the end, I actually maintained my weight +-1kg during the three months. Wasn't really an achievement but I'm glad I didn't completely gain much weight. 

Now I'm back in Selangor, I get to exercise everyday. Have been following Blogilates for a month now and trying to eat clean as much as possible! Except on weekend when I'm out with friends. Lol, craving hits and I'm back on binge eating again when I see cakes. But definitely seeing results already even though it's a tiny change. I'm not sure about my weight because I don't have a weight scale at home, I guess it didn't change much. But I did measured my body. 

Before, 10 June   -   After, 6 July  
Shoulder 40cm   -    38cm
Bust 89cm   -   85cm
Waist 71cm   -   68cm
Hip 89cm   -   86cm

Not sure if everything is smaller means a good thing but... 
Shoooooooooooooooo happy! I think I get vainer everyday, oh god, need to stop that. 
I definitely see the difference when I start swimming for a few times a week, my shoulders get bigger but I stopped after two weeks. My brother is not here to swim with me anymore so I just jogged. I'm taking in whey protein too. I know many people seems skeptical about taking protein supplement but on the contrary, it helps repair muscles, not bulk them up. So, I'm not easily tired or feel enormous pain the next day to continue my workout. They are delicious too actually.

I think I need to do more cardio, but I'm reluctant to run because it's so damn boring. I still hate cardio moves. I'm getting lazier these days too and blame it on my ankle because it hurts some times. 

14 June 2014

It's been so long since I set foot in Teluk Intan. First thing on my mind was Speedy Nasi Kandar! 

Damn high calorie intake but don't care, few months once. Oh god, just looking at this makes me crave again.
After a long while, I get to go back and visit my god-daughter too. She seems to have forgotten me again. So sad. 

Hailey is such a mummy's girl. Even when she's eating she wants to hold her mummy's hand. Or maybe because she was just afraid of me, I was begging for her to feed me. HAHAHA.

Not afraid to show her talent too! Dancing to High Five videos. She's getting a lot taller now and doesn't even seem like a 2-year-old. LOL. Ling, what have you been feeding her? Portion cut half please. 

Very talkative too but still adorable!

Celebrated my first step-brother's birthday and Father's day too.

Another kiddo in my life. My youngest step-brother, luckily he's not afraid of me even though I only see him like 3 times a year. I'm quite attach to him because he really resembles me when I was younger, except a boy version of me of course. 

21 June 2014

A new family member in the Siow's residence! A few months old Molly. Weird name, but I don't know. Hahaha! It's his/her first walk outside of the house. I still don't remember the gender. Oops. So funny when I see Yi Xin struggle with walking him. Not really sure where it should walk therefore the awkward walking stance. 

This post so many babies. 
I'm still not a baby magnet, they are all afraid of me for some reason. I'm not really good at interacting with them also actually. She's a really good friend with my iPhone though. *cries*

22 June 2014

We went to try the Escape Room challenge in E-Curve because Soon En has a voucher that we could use as a group. 

Unfortunately, didn't manage to solve the puzzle in that particular room. The time allocated was 45 mins, I wished they would change it to an hour though. Kinda pricey too even with the voucher. Preferred the one in SS15 that we once went. Much more interesting and engaging.

Dinner at Thai Express. Not much pictures that day but we did spent the whole day together, even watched a movie. It has been a really long time since we did this together as a group! 

29 June 2014
After hearing Richard talking about char siew hunting for like a month or more, we finally went out and did it. Even though it was just me, Grace, and Richard, we still did it anyway!

More about it in another post soon okay!?! 

5 & 6 July 2014

Finally, found a job to do on the weekend! I have been applying for like weeks now, but no replies. Maybe my looks and body are not attractive enough. *cries* Seriously if you look better you get higher pay jobs, such an unfair world we are living in. 
Going for another diving trip soon during Raya, so I'm making some moolahs first else I'm going to be so broke. 

Just a random corner, I have to itching to buy a new specs and even thinking of dying my hair blonde for quite awhile but never have the time (or money) to do it. I didn't know how I would look with blonde hair so I did a makeover with photoshop and I guess this look isn't half bad for me(agree agree??). Hahaha. But my hair is going to be so dry after bleaching. And blonde hair is not compatible with tanned skin. I'm going to get tanned very soon, like this month end soon. So... hesitating to do my hair. Maybe I'll wait for a few months after getting a fairer skin. Sad. 
Okay okay, gonna end this here quickly. Have to get back to my literature review for real now after eating my lunch. I didn't even manage to edit all the pictures in this post! I just post them up after filtering them. If I have grammar mistake, please just ignore. I can't be bothered to check. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~! Kaythanksbye!

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