2/5/14 Suffolk House, Georgetown

Thank you Unker Ho for inviting me to lunch at one of Penang's famous heritage landmarks, Suffolk House. Friday is no-work-but-still-go-to-office-day. LOL. That's what I always hear anyway. The place was located in quite a remote area but luckily there were enough signboards to guide us there.

Giant tree was beautiful but unfortunately didn't have the time to run around and be like "weeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~" in the green area across the bridge. 

The well-maintained 200-year-old building 

There's even a journal which the visitors can write in too but of course,all the pages are filled so you can just read them. Mostly written by tourist from all around the world.

Beautiful interior, such a romantic place too. The building is HUGE! There's ample of place to sit and you can even choose to sit outdoor which I think is quite nice when the weather is cloudy. Just chillin' with a scone on your right hand and a cup of tea on your left. Ohohohohoho. 

With them colleagues!

The menu changes every few months and if I remember correctly, there's only like around 5 choices to choose from. You can have the option to choose between ala carte and set (which comes with a starter, main course and dessert). 

Strawberry Daiquiri! 
Love it to the maxxxxx. 

Fresh salad with mango 
As a starter

Vegetarian Aubergine Lasagna as my main course.
First of all, I did not expect it to be like this, I thought it would be a normal lasagna. Secondly, I didn't regret it, it tasted exquisite because I simply never had a dish like this before BUT it was not filling for me. 

??? Seafood Pasta???
Took a picture of Xin Lin's main course, which tasted awesome too!

Bread pudding with Vanilla ice-cream for dessert.
Perfect ending. 

I'm sorry I don't quite remember the price for each of the dish but in total, I spent RM80 for the set menu and also my strawberry daiquiri (which I think cost like RM20 or so). It's quite pricey but looking at how they serve the food and I think it's some sort of like fine dining food, it is expected. 

Rating | 7/10
A perfect place for couples because it's quite romantic. The food selections are limited but the quality is good but not great. Yeah... nothing much to say. Hahaha, don't know why. 

Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/suffolkhouse
250, Jalan Air Itam, 
10460 Georgetown, Penang
Phone | +604-228 1109 
E-mail | info@suffolkhouse.com.my
Opening Hours | Opens Everday 
Lunch 12pm to 2:30pm 
Afternoon Tea 2:30pm to 5:30pm
Dinner 7pm to 10pm

And here are some group photos!

I think this quite a rare sight because the company has quite a little amount of female employees. Hahaha!!

Xin Lin's polaroid photo. It's a shame I didn't bring mine though. :(

I think this post is kind of weird. I don't know why. LOL.

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  1. Thank you for featuring our afternoon high tea, Joey.

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