10/12/12 Big Bad Wolf bookfair

Went for a look at The Mines there for this popular book sale/fair. Apparently, there's this huge book sale event every year, but somehow, I manage to only hear the gist of it this year. I wonder why they call it "The Big Bad Wolf" but the mascot is quite cute, despite being a bad wolf. There's TONS of books there and it's really really cheap. I managed to buy 2 books which costs me RM16 in total, I guess it's really a steal. Apparently, they have "The Secret" too, but it's all sold out now. Geez, the book really have an undying reputation. They have loads of book but I don't seem to know which corner have which kind of book unless I try seeing all the available titles on the tables. It's really dizzying, I just wish they had more indicator on the tables so I can know what book is on the table. *sigh*
I used to read everyday last time, but I guess my habit is dying now. I always said I have no time, but once I start reading, I can't stop to put the book down (if it's interesting enough). I still remember how hooked I was on the twilight book series. Haha!

 Anyway, for you book-lovers out there, be sure to stop buy and stock some books up for your bookshelves and your brain. There's this banner they put up that says "If the world ends, at least we'll be together, 20-21 Dec". I was like LOL, okay, a very good joke.

Dessert at Tong Pak Fu
The Mines really have a big variety of food-selling shops, I ate so much. DX I even bought 18 durian puffs back! Shilin's chicken taste to good. T.T and this Tong Pak Fu too. Oh, guilty pleasure. I'm gaining 1-2kg already for the past 2 weeks because of midterm. :( I want badminton, but my labs session are always get the way when my family goes to badminton! ACK!

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