Of Aliens and Mayans

Do you guys believe in aliens/the extraterrestrial/UFO?
I would like to say it's only a myth and it's just crazy imaginations from some random guy from how many donkey years ago. But I think I can't deny their existence anymore. 
First of all, why is alien described as some creature with a big bald slimy head, big black eyes and no nose?  There must be some kind of reason. Is it that some people have seen them before? Why some proclaim they have seen UFO flying? Or was it NASA that had created alien technology without telling the whole world? Why is Bermuda Triangle forbidden? Why is the Stonehenge created? Why are there Moai statues on the Easter Island? Why why why why why? So many unanswered mysterious.

So today, my friend started to ask me these questions suddenly during our breakfast together. He asked me if I believe in doomsday and the Mayan. He even said that maybe there's a connection between the doomsday and aliens or maybe the Gods. Maybe on that particular day, judgement will be made by the Gods aka Aliens. LOL. He told me that alien doodles actually existed since old times. Like on the cave walls and on the pyramids. 

Here are some pictures that I got from google.
I never knew that it has begun since the old days. The sightings and/or the interaction between humans and some unidentified beings. Maybe they live among us, but we don't know. Just like the "paranormal world". That is another mystery.

By the way,

According to the Mayan calendar, we're suppose to only have 18 days left to live through before "The end of the world". There's even a rumor saying that on the 21st December, there would be no Sun for three days and three nights and electricity would fail because of some alignment of The Sun, the Blackhole and The Earth. Then NASA came out and says it's a hoax. 
Honestly, I don't know the location of the Black Hole. But is it possible that the Black Hole can be between The Sun and The Earth!? Isn't Black Hole like really really big??? How can it come between the Earth and The Sun? What about the other planets? har? I don't get it. I didn't do my research before asking this also actually, so I'm just asking and blabbering without facts, excuse me. 

In my honest opinion, I don't think the Earth would have a blackout for the whole 72 hours. Even if it does, I think everyone wouldn't die....? Wait a minute, oxygen would deplete and then the trees would not take in carbon dioxide if it's dark out there. Is the oxygen sufficient for the whole human population to survive on for 72 hours?!? Plus the animals and the plants. :O Let's just hope it doesn't happen until then. I still want to get married, have babies, travel around the world and eat like a King.

My friend even think of stopping his revision for midterm right now because he wants to live his life to the fullest before doomsday comes. =.=" If it doesn't come, he would suffer a lot. Wish him best of luck in his bet. Lol. If nothing happens and I am still alive on the 1st of January year 2013, I will join in the crowd to laugh at the Mayan's joke. 

Okay, back to studying

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