13/12/12 Old School

There's a new restaurant in town! Went for a try upon Soon En's invitation. It's been a long time since I saw Eric too! Finally can eat with him today. Working people are so busy busy busy!
The deco are pretty simple for the place and it's pretty interesting. The menu is adorable! but humongous with a lot of food choices. There's a page for lunch and another for dinner, I guess they serve different foods at different time. The waitress are all... very short actually. I wonder if they hire short people on purpose. So that they can look like school kids. Like for instance, the one with the school uniform in the picture above. Yes, that's the waiter and the boss and the school uniform is their working uniform! Funny but unique. 

I ordered the steak with brown sauce. The portion is kinda small considering it cost me RM19.90. They gave me many potato wedges though. The taste is not bad, but not very tasty. Just normal. The cabonara spaghetti has nothing special to describe too. I guess it's just so-so. They also sell charcoal burgers and hotdogs, no comment on the taste though. :P

It's interesting but I don't think I've have a second go at this, considering the price and the quality and flavor. Maybe it's just me, but bleh.

Silly me! I forgot to take pictures of myself! Oh nevermind.
P/S, Soon En, you look like a kid with that haircut! It's very funny! HAHAHA!