5/12/12 Life of Pi

Cute Dr Tan Ai Hui
Woke up in time for my 8am class this morning even after yesterday's zombie night. Then went for lab session. Luckily, it wasn't that hard and the Computer Org lab is still understandable, not like the ones of Physical Electronics. 0.0 Truth is, some times some course-mates makes me mad. The instructions are already very clear to be read and understand(Well, this case doesn't happen all the time for all the labs, only SOME have really clear procedures like this one).They just need to follow the instructions on it. But some still manage to "don't know what to do" and question people some more. Are they too lazy to read or something? I annoyed actually. Especially to the ones that depend on me to do all the stuffs and takes all the work from me. "You do all, okay? I just take from you.". Walao, siao siao. You talk like that to me, you don't paiseh meh? At least you sit there and really try do it and then politely ask me to send a copy for your reference lah. Sounds much more tolerable, and I also will not be so irritated by it. Zzz.

After the lab, went to SK for brunch and Soon Fatt then invited us to catch a night movie, Life of Pi at Setia Walk . Rare for him to invite us so we agreed.
I slept for 3 hours though, once I got back home and did some of my report. Recovered back my last night's sleeping hours. I skipped my classes for that of course. Oh, sue me.

The movie is quite enchanting overall. One word to describe it. Beautiful. 
I've heard lots of recommendation for this movie, in my opinion, it's worth the money to go and watch it at the cinema. Since the animations and the scenery are really well done. It's a little bit boring, except for the bits of animal and nature part, because I'm awe-struck by how beautiful they are. 
I think the only thing that I was disappointed with is it's trailer, it doesn't really do much justice to the whole movie, because it didn't seem very appealing to me. Makes me not want to watch it. 
This movie was a 8 out of 10 for me. 

Sleep time. Goodnight.

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