First shooting range visit

First time seeing a real gun yesterday and the first time handling and firing a real gun today! It was too exciting since these things are usually seen in the movies but not in real life. It seemed intimidating and it still is, since a gun can kill a person in a split second. :S 

The City Square Shooting range is situated in TKS building at the 9th floor. I have an uncle who works for the police force so he introduced us to one of his friends to give a short course and then bring us to the firing range to get down to business. 

Seeing back this picture, I guess I have forgotten about "the stance" where I have to stand with my leg wide enough (that looks very weird, so I ignored it) and my arms looked so weird. *cries and laugh* Or maybe I just think that way because I received comment that I was holding it wrongly. I don't know, but my coach said my posture was correct. I guess anything will work if you're comfortable with it. I'm defensive that way when people say I'm doing something wrongly but since I'm not a pro at this, what can I say? 

My 5m result
My brother's 5m result
He sucked big time. Hahaha! BURN! But according to the statistics, females and younger people can aim more accurately (not every, but most). It was proven once again today. My mum did a pretty spot-on job too, but her results wasn't taken down for her, so I didn't have a chance to snap it down. Uncle Alvin on the other hand, was having problem too. Haha.

My 15m result. Yay! All in black! 6 of 10 bullets were near the number 5 circle! :D 
I found my hidden talent! LOL!
I guess we were using the agent's pistol so we were only  given the choice of shooting with a Walther P99 or a Glock. Both semi-auto and can reload 10 bullets for every magazine. If you ask me, I'll prefer the Walther to Glock because the trigger is easier to handle. But both the recoils still stung my hand for awhile every time I shoot, cause I didn't grip it tight enough at first. Then again, I was weak from the start. So, be sure to grip tightly!

My brother's greatest achievement that day.
Misfired. Holy crap. It's official, he's only good at firing in games but not in reality. XD

I forgot to bring my contact lenses with me. It's pretty uncomfortable actually to wear double. 

It costs us RM1300 for a group of 4 persons (cheaper since we have more people). He gave us unlimited bullets and we can shoot for an hour. I heard that normally it's supposed to be at least RM350 per person for a short course(only need to go for once) and they would charge you differently for rental of gun of your choice and how many bullets you used. But in our case, since we dealt with our friendly "agent", we were charged differently. 

You can also apply for membership at the shooting range if you're a hardcore one. Apparently, people come here to train most of the time for competition. About the price, you can ask the friendly staff there. Their facebook page info.

If you're interested, you can pm me for his phone number. He will brief you and guide you in the shooting too. :)

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