The start of 20

Thank you my friends and family who came to celebrate with me and who wished me Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas that day even when there is no facebook notifications on their wall. People rely too much on social media nowadays to remember all the important dates. I too forget my friend's birthday actually. :X But of course I won't forget those close to me. <3 I'm sorry I didn't go all out to enjoy with you guys on that day. But I don't feel like getting wasted on a day like this. HAHA! I'm just a bit different from other people or maybe I'm just too lazy.

I can't believe I'm 20 now. The big TWO in front of my age. I can't fool around anymore like a kid, I can't wander aimlessly now. I have to strive for the better and plan out my life. I'm in need of a big change. I will do my best and do what I can now. New Year is coming, maybe I'll have to do a resolution again for next year. I didn't have any this year, because I always fail to achieve each and every one of them, so it's a bit disappointing really. All I can blame is myself for not doing things. I get scolded a lot lately -.- but at least somebody make me realize what kind of person I am. Apparently, I'm really a hardcore pessimist. And a very anti-social person. What's happening to me?

Finals is just around the corner. Gah! Must start being hardworking too. Good night! Sleep tight!

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