Healthier life?

Just wanna get this picture in here for no reason. How cool is this? Fun with VHDL and DA2 board. :B

I've been starting my jogging routine recently. My first step of getting fit in year 2014! I used to jog but then I got lazy again and stopped. Recently, got back into jogging. Hopefully this time I don't stop for no reason. 

And starting to eat healthier. Well, I usually just eat fruits, lettuce and chicken but sometimes, it feels so dull. I don't have any idea what to cook for my meals. And usually when I searched for recipes, most of them demands for ingredients which aren't easily found and most of them are so western styled. And cooking for just one person is very hard to do because when I buy them I can't actually use all of them before they gone bad. Not to mention that the fridge in my Cyberjaya home is so bad that food spoils easier in there. 

Oh, and about cravings. I always have cravings now and then because of the bland diet and most of the time, I can't stop myself from indulging in high calories but delicious food. Hahaha! But what is life without food right? 

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