Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones & Devil's Due

I haven't been writing much movie reviews lately because there's still a lot of blog posts that are waiting for me to get published! I normally watch the movie on the big screen but don't write about it right now. That's because I think the movie will go down before I get the chance to write about it. Hahaha!
Also, I haven't been actively joining the free tickets for premiere screening giveaway contest because I was getting kind of tired from rushing to and from the mall on weeknights and now I'm back in action again because my bf blames me for not winning them anymore! And I do feel bad for not posting anything after the free tickets so I think it's better for me to kill some time by writing movie reviews once again! Even though nobody reads it.

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Following the hashtag trends. 

A random selca inside the cinema although it is clear that we can't use cameras in the cinema. But... YOLO. I feel like slapping myself for saying that. 

The movie was about (like any other paranormal activity) demons, covens and how they affected human lives and as always, they are connected to the previous version paranormal activities. This movie though wasn't really directly connected to past episodes but as you can say they "crossed" each other's path. 
So, this guy here, the main character (whos name I already forgotten) decided to mess around his crazy neighbor, Anna and one day, found out that she's doing weird rituals in her house. Then on one fine day, he saw one of his friends walked out of her house and he starts questioning him about his visits and of course, he didn't get any answers. Then suddenly, Anna was killed by that friend and later on, the friend committed suicide just after he told something weird to the main character about his "bite mark" which he got when he went into Anna's house to investigate. Then slowly, he doesn't seem to be himself. 

Rating | 2/10
It was awful, I was pretty bored by the movie. Though I was amused by some of the scenes. I think the main character was pretty stupid because of the way he acted, which I think no person in the right mind would do in the real world but hey, this is a movie. Still, it was scary in it's own ways.

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This time, with pictures! And now, another similar genre kind of movie.

The story is about a random couple who went for honeymoon but during that time, they were drugged and unconsciously cursed by a team of Anti-Christ. These Anti-Christ people only aims for females who are born from death which means when they are born, their parents die. Sort of like a black sheep in the family. I'm not really sure if they are raising demons during their pregnancy or something similar but the mothers have super powers and was acting very protective of her baby in the womb and aggressive towards everyone. The baby did seem very ordinary to me after it was born. In the end... well, you can imagine it, it didn't went very well and the ending was not a happy ending. It's was a bloody bath.

Rating | 3/10
I was getting really tired by horror movies with documentary style of filming. At first, I thought it was a normal movie with third-person view not first-person but no, it wasn't. The movie was just simply telling the story of what happened to the innocent couple and how they suffered for it and also about the existence of Anti-Christ. I think the movie was not my kind of thing because I didn't enjoyed it. No more documentary styled low-cost horror movie for me. 

Even though I didn't like the movie, it did triggered something. Me and my bf started discussing about the real Anti-Christ in the world. Maybe things are happening around the world, but we don't notice it. Maybe they are already building their own army and are just getting ready to take over this sad world. Maybe there is also a Christ Movement who are suppressing the evil power and also are fighting for a more holy place?? Who knows? 

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