19/1/14 Haven't been home for awhile

As the title suggests. yes I haven't been home for awhile as in a few months I think. I forgot when was the last time I was in town. Seems like there's a lot of new shops that has opened when I was gone. But then it was equally unimpressive as I heard. 

Above is a random picture of fei zai sleeping soundly during our drive home. He's getting A LOT fatter these days. That's not a good thing. If you're raising a kid, make sure you don't overfeed them, or else I think, they are going to suffer a lot when they grow up. Like diseases and difficulty in moving or something. 

Came out for dinner and yum cha session with these two pretty ladies right here, Isabelle and Liz. They are such awesome posers. Why my friend all so photogenic one?

And of course, a must meet-up with my god daughter Hailey!
She has grown up so much since I last saw her. She's so talkative and so obedient (only when you have food or toy to offer to her. LOL)

She's also a natural poser too. Hahahaha!

Watching videos like a boss.

Went to try the Coffee Lab which was new in town and I can tell ya, that will be the first and last time for my feet to step into that building. 

It was a holiday for Liz, and we usually have very less time to hang out all day. So, we took the opportunity to a karaoke session! 
A small town with limited things to do. 

Looking forward to Chinese New Year! I wonder how things will go this year because of my finals that will be held one week after CNY and also a lot of people are starting their work on the fourth day of the New Year. The timing is a bit off because usually people have a week off before they go back to work but thanks to the fact that the holidays are on a weekend, there's not much holiday anymore. Sad case. 

Well, honestly, that doesn't make any difference for me. Because I still will suffer and I'll just need to study my ass off during that time. Maybe a great time to  grow fat too since there will be so many cookies and I'll just be sitting on my ass for a looooooooong time. 

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