La Roasteria Coffee & My Secret Kitchen, Seremban

Cafes are trending nowadays and there's abundant of places to go if you're in KL. And of course the standard of the cafes are different from the ones in other states. I can honestly tell you, if you're in Teluk Intan, all the cafes that you find, usually serves crappy beverages and capalang desserts. They are over charging the customers too. 
Since every now and then, I am in Seremban, I thought I would go out hunting for some nice place to chill. Thanks to google and some fellow bloggers, I came to know of La Roasteria Coffee. Which was actually quite a buzz on the net. 

I drove to Jalan Kong Sang to find the first outlet but then I was having trouble finding it. Waze directed me there, but I wasn't seeing any La Roasteria. I wonder if it's closed down or I have a problem finding it. So, I went to the other branch instead. Which was situated in a quite remote area? 

So many cakes to choose from! I wish I could try them all on one try. 

The menu.

The place was kinda small and dark. I don't like the chairs though, they aren't really comfortable. I was reading my book there and I was having trouble positioning myself properly. 
Funny thing was, when I was ordering I was using English to order. Weird? No? It's normal right? Somehow I felt like an alien there because the waiter at the counter was giving me this weird out look and wasn't really understanding what I was ordering. That made me flustered a bit. 

Tiramisu, RM10
Ordered only this out of so many choices. The tiramisu is not sweet and it's creamy. Though after a few spoons, I did feel a bit jelat because of the cream. But it's not bad I guess.

Ice Chocolate, RM9
Van Houten cocoa powder + milk. I can do this at home, and it will taste exactly the same. 

Meh, not really my kind of place to sit and chill. Just my honest opinion. I would rather go to Jusco's Starbucks. I can get a better drink and also a better chair to sit. I'm having mixed feelings though about going here again because of the other cakes. I wanna try it out so bad. 

La Roasteria Coffee
Seremban 2 Outlet Address
69, Jalan S2 B2, Seremban 2, 
70300 Negeri Sembilan 
(Behind AEON, Next to S2 Hotel or Behind SAINS) 
Opening hours | Monday : Closed 
Tuesday - Thursday : 10am - 10pm 
Friday, Saturday : 10am - 12am 
Sunday : 10am - 10pm 
Contact | 012-7773668

Seremban Town Outlet Address
16, Jalan Kong Sang, Seremban,
70000 Negeri Sembilan (Next to Digi or PM Securities) 
Opening hours | Monday - Sunday : 8am - 6pm 
Contact | 010-5468200

A local burger joint! Oh, it's been a really really really REALLY long time since I've eaten a simple local burger. I think I will prefer eating this kind of burger than the one which are commercialized or the burger which are trending nowadays. Cheap and yummy! Can't beat that! 
Even though I said that, I always eat the latter. Hahaha! #Kiasu.

I can't help but noticing the funny names on the menu. "Anjing Kepanasan" direct translation from "hot dog". And some other very bizarre ones too.

My first Burger Burung Unta Special!
I'm not sure how much it cost since it's "special", not stated in the menu and I didn't pay for them. Hahaha!
But it's awesome! Dying for the next visit!

My Secret Kitchen Burger Rempah 
Jalan Haruan 4/2, Pusat Komersial Oakland, 
70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. ‎
Contact | 010 255 6585
Opening hours | ??? Sorry, I have no idea! But usually open around evening and night time.

On nom nom nom nom.

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