Joey's New Year Resolution 2014

2013 was indeed a blast for me and I think I pretty much enjoyed my days during the year. I did get a few surprises and also I get to experience a lot new things recently. So how about another flashbacks of my life in year 2013? 
But first, these are my 2013 resolutions that I wrote in the beginning of the year. Let's see whether I have fulfilled all of them or not. 
  1. Study hard and achieve greater results. Aim for first class and maintain it. 
  2. Travel more when the chance is given. Next stop, Taiwan! *anywhere else is fine too*
  3. Improve my cooking skills. So I can proudly present my cooking to everyone. :P
  4. Take part in a competition no matter if I'm good at it or actually am bad at it. Aiming for programming competitions. 
  5. Discover my passion.. Actually I already know what I love, it's just that I don't do anything about it. 
  6. Plan out my future.
  7. Be stronger and more independent. In the end, we all have to depend on ourselves.
  8. Get fit. The word "exercise" scares me but I know living an unhealthy life is going to make me suffer in old age.
  9. Find good friends who will support me and have fun with me together. Friends come and go, this is a fact. But I should never lost all hope even after many disappointments. 
  10. Be happy! I don't care how silly this is, but it's my life long goal. I will not let unhappy reality consume me.
I think I've actually achieved most of my past year resolution except for the ones in red. I did manage to amend my CGPA to a higher number compared to the ones I got last year. I think I've become much more bolder than last year so I guess I'm a little stronger and more independent too. Exercises.... Is still not an easy thing for me, but I think I did most of my workouts in my life during 2013! 
My cooking skills are still not something that I can flaunt with and I still have no idea in the plans for my future. Hmm, it's a little tricky but I think I'm still lost around somewhere in my life. Anyway, I think I've done great with the others, I'm happy! Still, life is a roller coaster ride, it will have ups and downs. The most important thing is to overcome the downs and just enjoy the ups.  


Highlights of my life in 2013...

Stepped my foot into a gym for the first time in my life to get sweaty! 
Can you believe that? I'm 20, and it's my first time in a gym. 

I partied hard with two of my best girls. We Love Asia was awesome!

I taken my first promoter job in my life.

Tried rollerblading too! It was fun and I think I prefer this than ice-skating BECAUZ I can rollerblade better! 

Makan alot also! 

Has been actively pursuing my hobby too.... Well, not actively but when I'm truly free or just feel very inspired to do it! But at least I've finished some of the projects that I've started!

A day trip to Kampar and Ipoh with le girlfriends! I wonder where should we go next??

A two-day Penang Food Trip with the unexpected bunch! Can I haz more food?? 

Celebrated our first anniversary with Mr S. Looking forward to more love and joy with this awful one.

My first ever sponsored review. Thank you so much Glassesonline for the opportunity even though I am not a very popular blogger! Thanks to this, I get to explore the possibilities of being a blogger in a career way. Seriously, this is a milestone for me.

The McDonald's Minion Craze happened. It was an awful plague and many were affected. 

And another food trip again.... Lol, so guilty, no wonder cannot slim down. 

Went to Penang and get to ride on the first cruise of my life with my loved ones. 

A bonus photo from the trip that is so epic, I can't help but laugh every time I see it! HAHAHA!

My Langkawi Trip was SUPER AWESOME!!!

My first food tasting event with other bloggers thanks to VibeHero! I'm so happy to be one of the bloggers to collaborate with them and I'm already been to 3 more with them. It feels like I have another family now. 

First time in Bangkok! Though I feel like it was a very short trip but still super enjoyable. I just love travelling and experiencing new things!

Joined my first programming competition. Even though we did not win, but at least we got distinction for it. Drat! It was a close one.

Travelled alone to Penang and it was a scary experience because it wasn't easy getting around in an unfamiliar place without my own transport. Thanks to Weng Seng and Ah Choy for the help and guidance!

I did my first run in my life. I can't believe I completed 10km. I thought I couldn't make it in time for the finishing line but I did. It was definitely an achievement.

Donated my blood for the first time. I should have did this earlier if I have known there was nothing scary about it and it was for a good cause. Save lifes when you can!

I can definitely see a lot of food post in my blog. Like. A LOT. I think I find a lot of joy indulging in food. What is life without food? 

Well, now for my new year resolution. I think it will be somewhat same as the last one with just some minor changes. So here goes nothing! 
  1. Get BETTER results! I challenge myself to get CGPA of 3.75 or more for the next year. 
  2. Get lean and stronger. According to my IBM, 46kg should be my target. 
  3. Learn to get committed to things and do the best I can for it.
  4. Change to a better person. Don't get caught up in negative things and always stay on the positive side.
  5. Change my attitude because sometimes I can be rude to people, better be as nice as I can.
  6. Travel to Australia! (in the process of planning) but still, anywhere new is fine for me too. 
  7. Try to finish what I started. Like the cross stitch projects and also the books that I'm reading.
  8. Be more romantic. It's a good thing no?
  9. Get to know more people and build my network!
  10. Learn how to save money. My money is flowing out like a waterfall. And also work hard to earn them when I have the time. 
Goodbye 2013, and hello 2014! Please treat me well, and I bet it'll be a better year! 

My new year countdown was spent in Red Box, IOI Puchong with ze guys. It was a really last minute decision and it was pretty random too actually. It wasn't cheap but hey, don't wanna waste our new year celebration at home. 


Thank you Lord for the food...

Have a wonderful year everyone! 

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