[SR] Blincon Classic Chestnut Brown Review

So two weeks ago, I received an invitation to do a review in exchange for a pair of contact lens of my choice from GlassesOnline! Quite a surprise as my blog isn't that very well-known in my point of view. I've never written a review on contacts lens before although I've tried many different type of lenses before. This would be my first time writing in. I'm so excited!

Instead of a pair, they send two pairs as I have different degrees on my left and right eyes. They were so generous. I'm so lucky! 

How it looked. Basically it's just a very simple lens with just one tone color. I'm more into natural looking colors so I will always buy brown or grey contact lenses. When I first saw it, I was quite taken aback on how light colored it looked. 

Color & Design : ❤❤❤❤❤
As you can see, it fits very well on brown eyes. I like how it enlarged my eye a bit, and it's quite natural despite my surprise to see it was so light-colored in the beginning

Enlargement : 
This lenses are only 14.00mm which doesn't really give an ultra boosting goo-goo eyed effect. I like smaller diameter lenses as it is easier for my eyes to breathe so I can wear them for a longer period of time. Yes, eyes needs breathing too.

Comfort : 
I don't wear lenses on a daily basis. I just wear them when I have events to go to at night and I have make-up on me. I'll do a test-run (wearing a whole day) soon and will edit this post when I do. It got very uncomfortable when I wear them out for after 6 hours, it got very dry.  

Overall : 
It's looks very fresh to me, as I have been wearing normal Geo lenses for the past few years. Good to try another brand of contact lenses that are quite comfortable (wearable for less than 8 hours). 

Some silly faces taken with the DSLR I borrowed from Alicia. Thank you so much for lending me! 
I think I have to invest in a compact camera. I mean, look at the quality of the photos. Beat the crap out of my usual photos quality. 

Thank you for reading this review. 

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Delivery is free and most importantly, FAST. I received it in 3 days after my order has been made!
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To end this post, here are some vain pictures of me
 to express my gratitude for my loyal readers.
I cut my bangs last few days by myself. It was kinda random, I was getting tired of my long and lifeless fringe so here is the result. All I did was one snip! Thanks to this video
How do you think I looked with it? 
Please leave a comment below, my blog has been dying of comments. DX 
I would deeply appreciate it!

[Disclaimers : This is a sponsored review though all opinions are solely based on my honest opinion and experience.]

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