2/7/13 Bad day

One of the most important component decided to suicide. Okay, actually it is somewhat my fault, because I was trying to force it into the breadboard, but it just wont go in. then... the leg become loose but still attached. Then gradually I keep poking it, then this. 

This is not mine of course. It is from our seniors who did the MP3 project before. Looks very impressively neat. My inspiration??

Multimeter is an essential for engineers. Thanks to Ah Thum for borrowing me this. Apparently he has three of these just because he is engineerSSSSS. -.-" Inside joke.

I've been feeling so frustrated. The components, my midterm is due next week, my project needs to be done ASAP but I'm missing a component, how am I going to do that?? I already went to search in Puchong but no luck, online purchasing, I ain't paying RM20 for shipping a RM4 component. So I'm asking KB to help me buy, hopefully can get next week earliest! 
Continue on, my assignments deadline is getting closer and closer by day, and also I need to buy swim wear before the sales ends! And then issues with my ex-housemate regarding carpark problem. I don't know why I deserve rude treatments from a person when by right, she's not fulfilling what she should have done. While I'm asking nicely, please be on your best behavior lah. I'm really frustrated already with the people I used to be friends with (note USED TO BE). They just give all these kind of kebabian attitude. It's like the world revolves around them and everything they do, don't have consequence. When I'm being nice to you, offering some tiny help, take it and be grateful rather than cibaiface lansilanyong give me nonchalant answers and "see first see first". Don't want my help then say don't need lah! Why the fark you need answer like I SHOULD be helping you but you just wanna "hang chicken" there? But I really can say birds of a feather flock together

I don't know why I'm so stuck up in this issue. I try to remind myself to forget about these things and think about the happy and grateful friends I have right now instead. But these problem really makes my heart break even if it happened rarely, but still it will leave a scar. Even wanna spend my time emo on this, which I SHOULDN'T DO. Don't want to waste my time. Okay, I will shut the fuck up after this post. If not I'll burn my mouth. 

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