16/7/13 Turbo

It's Tuesday again, and you know what that means. 
It's premiere screening timeeeeeeeeeeee~

Thanks to Churp Churp for the tickets!

So basically this story revolves around a snail named Turbo who has a dream of the impossible. That is to become fast. As we know snails are SUPER slow and that's just the reality of it. But with a freak accident, it gave hope to a tiny little garden snail to achieve his big dream.

I was kinda surprised to hear Samuel L. Jackson's (Whiplash) voice and also Ken Jeong's (Kim Ly! LOL). Then I IMDb it, and it turns out Ryan Reynolds (Turbo) and Snoop Lion (Smoove Move) was casting in the movie too. O.O

Turbo then successfully entered the big race of his life with the help of his crew and then he was racing side by side with his role model, Guy Gagné. But it turns out that Guy was a bad egg and even intimidated Turbo and told him that his dream will never become true and that he will return to reality sooner or later. Geez, what a way to give someone a ray of hope and then crush them into little pieces.

This is actually quite a heart-warming movie. Turbo who always held on to his dream never waver, even if his brother never agreed to what he was doing because he thought it was impossible and Turbo was just simply delusional. Then after some incident, they were caught by Tito. Tito was also another dreamer like Turbo. He hopes to help his brother and friends to make their work place "booming". So when he found Turbo, he felt like he was his shooting star.  (Doesn't make any sense but you'll understand when you see the movie).

Turbo and Tito was kind of similar. They both are dreamers and they both have a brother who aren't convinced that they would some day achieve their crazy dreams. Even though the brothers discourages them in their actions, they are silently rooting for their success. They just don't want to see their younger brother risk their lives. 

A great movie to inspire people to hold onto their dreams no matter how ridiculous it sounds. 
Some inspiring quote from the movie itself...

"That snail is fast!" *starts rapping and singing* LOL
Okay, no. Just kidding. Hahaha.
"There is never a dream that is too big or never a dreamer that is too small" or something like that. Not exactly sure if this is the exact quote, but it's something that portrays the same meaning. :P

My rating for Turbo

To end this post, here is a picture of a typical asian kid taking a selca with her exclusive tickets. 

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