9/7/13 Pacific Rim

Thanks to Nuffnang for the premiere invites to Pacific Rim 3D! 
It was Thursday and I had a midterm that night. Zzz.. So stress in the exam hall (I did a few silly mistake and some half answered questions that I forgot to complete T.T), have to rush my way through the questions and then rush our way to One Utama all for this. I've been really craving to watch this movie when I first saw the trailer. I was really hyped up as I was a fan of watching gargantuan monsters on the big screen. Graphic these days are very believable. 
We arrived late and we got the worst seating of all. The first row in the cinema. Well, beggars can't be choosers. At least, I got to watch them first before it was out! :P

Kaijus are just.... WOOOO AWESOME

The story started off showing two brothers fighting a Kaiju. And something really bad happened that took away the hero's brother's life and he then piloted the Jaeger machine alone. Which was actually impossible in their theory. Jaeger machine is too much for one man to handle, so there must be a minimum of two pilots whose minds are both sync to each other. Both of them shares the same brain in the machine. The better the sync, the better they fight. The hero, after losing his brother, miraculously made it alive on the shore of some iceland.. or something. Then the hero, Rayleigh decided to lay low for a few years as he do not want to experience the same thing to himself again.

But somehow his boss found him and drag him out to pilot the Jaeger machine again. 

Some how the story of Mako unfolds as she tried very hard to prove that she can co-pilot Jaeger with Rayleigh. Nobody was more suitable to do that other than her. And she had to be the one that has a very special bond to the head of the whole operation, who was very reluctant to let her get expose to the Jaeger machines. As he knows if she did, there will be risk of losing her.

And then the most exciting part begins. The fight between monsters and monsters. Kaiju vs Jaeger. It feels like Ultraman again, minus the weird suited man and plus the awesome Gundam-like machines. It was kinda disappointing though seeing how some of the Jaegers were easily taken down in a few moments. Sad sad.

And a special surprise for us. For those who know who Hellboy is... he is in the movie!

In the end, thanks to the two scientists and some Kaiju's brain, they discovered something that they didn't expected and they found out how to truly destroy the bridge from the Kaiju world from Earth, which they had been trying all the while but was unsuccessful. Thus, finally, "cancelling the apocalypse".

I didn't really had the chance to properly watched the whole movie but I know it was pure awesomeness. I'm gonna watch this whole movie again. This time 2D is enough though. My eyes cannot take too much details of the movies. For those who wants to watch it in 3D, I recommend IMAX instead as it is clearer. And fortunately the fighting scenes are done in a slower rate, so I guess you can see the details clearer without having to flip your eyes out trying to catch up with the speed. Hahaha!

My rating for Pacific Rim

Must watch for the year!

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