What is up with Mcd's Minions???

Disclaimers: Unfortunately, I didn't submit this "confession" on the MMU Confession group.

But I can understand where he/she is coming from because I think that way too. 
I mean what is the big deal ??!?

Before this, it was the Hello Kitty trend that went viral (but not that viral). It was like "Hello Kitties. I see Hello Kitties everywhere. Disguising themselves in McDonald characters' costumes" to me. One person started to post on her instagram and then a few hours later, you see 10 pictures of them! WADAFARK. 

Mostly girls will fall for this as I understand, it is a symbol of cuteness, this no-mouth monster creature cat. And after the HellKitty fuss was over, the nightmare has not ended yet. 
No, not that easily.

This time McD decided to hit the bigger jackpot.
The rise of the Minions. 

Their popularity went sky-high for no reason. Okay, maybe there were reasons, namely they are very funny, they speak a combination of many human languages and also their ads/trailers was showing everywhere. I call this "the brain-washing process".
And they won. 
Everyone went nuts over it. 
Most of the branch had to stick a big SOLD OUT sign on the boards.
I even know one or two people who went for "treasure-hunting" around the cities just for this.

I heard that McD originally sold out these toys separately and for RM3 for each of the toy.
but then...

But that didn't stop insane adults from buying the happy meal too.

Worst of all, there are people that even bought ALL of them in one go and then sell it off with higher prices on forums. I see some are even selling RM50 for a set of 3. Even in Sg, it was 50$ for 3 too. RM9 ----> RM50?????
 Where is the humanity!??!? 
How should I put this....?
They are just simply... "Despicable".

And this was taken down from my news feed. I am very much disappointed in this fella. I didn't thought he would be one of the "scammers" in the world. If you're reading this, with due respect, please stop this. I know it's a way to earn money, but this just isn't the right way to do it.

I can't believe people are still willing to buy them through these people though. 

May I have your serious attention at this point onwards. 
These are just toys, there are no reason for you people to go cuckoo over it. They aren't even fancy collectibles. They are intended for kids who are eating in McDs. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? For every minion you bought, one more kid in the world will be sadder. NO MORE HAPPY MEALS FOR YOU! I can't believe people are actually falling for this trick. Come on, generation Y, are you as what people predicted you to be? Shame on you people.

On the other hand, I cannot judge people based on what they do. =.= But I just can't help it BUT to judge you sorry asses. One thing for sure though, if you're gonna buy the happy meal, make sure you finish the food. Say no to food wastage. If you have that kind of money to buy these useless piece of crap, why don't y'all just donate to the poor instead. They needed the money more than McD, I'm sure of it.

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