26/7/13 Burger Lab

It was already 8pm when we arrived and the queue was LONG. 
Well, actually not very long but we had to queue outside of the store. It's crazy, seeing all these students nibbling and devouring burgers in there. Many would opt for take out (like us) since there isn't any place to sit.

The decoration was something that you don't often see and I think that is why so many youngsters are attracted to it. It's like a cool place to hang out, despite the crazy queue before it is open until it is closed. The food-makers were all youngins too! I think most of them are in their 20s or so. 

The food however. I think it's kinda overrated. :|
I don't know what the fuss is about. Me and my friends were curious about it, that is why we ended up having our dinner there. Even though we had it with our empty stomachs, it doesn't taste like.. something I would have expect to taste like seeing so many people queuing up for it. I didn't take any pictures of the food, as they looks the same. It's just charcoal burger with the fillings that you desired. 
Seriously overrated. Super disappointed. :/
And also it is very overpriced. RM18++ for a burger? And if you wanted it with fries and soda, you have to add in another RM6. What the heck? 
It's like a more expensive version of Crayon burger BUT it is also less tasty. 
I think Burger King can even top this.


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