1/7/13 Grafa @ SS15

Jezz, I'm really getting slow in updating my blog.囧

On monday, after our Ba Kut Teh dinner at Ah Ping BKT (it wasn't very nice, so I didn't bother writing a review on it), we went to Grafa to try their desserts. Originally we were going to the Yu Kee BKT but it was closed on Monday. If only we notice this sooner. Always forget to check the opening days and hours. *facepalm*

The deco was very... hipster-ish if I might say. It feels kinda dark but it is bearable for me. There is an air-cond but I don't think it ventilates the area very well because it's open space rather than an indoor one. But the temperature is still bearable because it's night time. The menu didn't state any desserts that they serve, so we went to the counter and look what they had at the moment. It was around 9pm when we arrived there by the way.

They only have the Panna Cotta(left), RM10 and Pavlova(right), RM12 when we were there.
I have to say, this is the first time I've tasted a panna cotta. I didn't know what it was, but one taste of it, it's like Romeo fell in love with Juliet again. I love how milky it taste and it is not sweet at all. The sweetness comes from the syrup so for people like me (who doesn't like food that are too sweet), it is perfect. The Pavlova was good too! Not disappointed with our choice. How can you not like the generous berry toppings? I love berries! These two dessert hit the spot!(for me of course) :D 

Awkward angle because we're tryna be hipsters. Ya know what I mean? 

G for... 

...Gang bike. :P
Oh, it seems like at the entrance, there is a shop selling shirts and... fashion stuffs? The deco seems very hipster-ish too. Maybe it is Grafa's shop too? Honestly I don't know, it was already closed during 9pm.


55, S15/4B, Subang Jaya 47500, Selangor.
+60 3-5611 7600

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