18/7/13 KaiZen @ Bandar Puteri

It's a Thursday and we were out having our last dinner with Jonsin before he flies to Sabah.
We were suppose to go to Yoichi which is also situated in Bandar Puteri, but it looked like there weren't open. So plan B, KaiZen it is then.

I ordered Set V which comes with Spider Spicy Roll and Negi Udon (Spring onion ramen) RM18.00++
Clumsy me forgot to take picture of my food. Maybe I was too hungry and excited, when the food was served, I immediately chowed it down. The Udon was delicious! but the roll was just average. Well, the fried crab was stale.

Set X consists of Stamina Unagi Roll and Kimuchi Ramen, RM21.00++
I call this the "Sweet Set" because I think they over-marinated the unagi, even the rice tasted too sweet for my taste. The soup tasted sweet(again), a little sour and spicy too. Overall, this is okay. I never tried something like this before, so it is very new to my taste-buds.

Bento I consist of Salmon Sashimi and Unagi, RM22.00++

Bento K consists of Unagi and Tempura, RM21.00++
In my opinion, the rice wasn't fluffy enough. Boo for that. 

All the sets and bento sets came with a cup of green tea and also some slices of watermelon. The bento sets also came with a bowl of miso soup and as for the noodle sets, they came with a... side dish(?) I don't know what it's called. Sorry.

 Some polaroid moments, the first picture of Jonsin, Soonen and Xiao Le was purely candid. Jonsin suddenly laughed out loud when I was getting ready to snap a picture. I thought "oh what the hell" and just clicked the shutter. All the pictures really came out well, I like how they came out, everyone looked super happy (especially when we're bullying Hau Loong. Pulling his hair out. Lol.)

Address: No.30, Jalan Puteri 2/4, 
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
(Located same row as Old School)
Tel : 603-8063 5118
Email: kaizenmy@hotmail.com

The food was just average, but not as good as Sushi Zanmai (where I usually go for Japanese food). They do have variety of foods though. They even serve rice, porridge, noodles, salads, and many more ala carte foods. But I guess normally people would choose from the set menus, since they are much more "cost-efficient".

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